Let The Mother Burn

We’ve now entered the twilight zone and I feel like John Lithgow gazing with wide eyes at the creature on the wing. No one believes me but I promise you its there. My country is going straight to hell and I’m the only one who managed to get to a safe place as the nation sinks deeper and deeper into calamity. The media and Democrats took the spending argument and have now argued that raising the debt ceiling is more responsible and more fiscally rational than cutting spending without raising the limit.

Only my god knows at this point what will become of this nation because quite frankly its in his hands now. If Moody threatened to downgrade the US if we don’t raise the limit I can only imagine the prospects of this continual spending spree. Let’s be clear, Democrats want to spend more money so they want the limit raise.

This goes beyond the wife using a credit card analogy. This is more than just some irresponsible spending phase, this is borders on masochistic. The Democrats seem sexually infatuated with spending and growing trillion dollar deficits. Even if the agree on 4 trillion dollars in cuts the spending Democrats plan to do after the deal is made will prove those cuts to be null and void. Every cut gets canceled out by the amount of spending that follows.

Let’s state the obvious here, Democrats want to increase the debt limit so they can spend more money. They know either the cuts will never happen, or they will cancel out from the spending they intend to do. It’s now radical to just propose straight spending cuts without raising the debt ceiling.

My mom says sometimes things have to happen to you before you realize how bad they are. I think America will eventually default whether its by a no deal or continuous spending. I’ve said all along that eventually we’re going to paint ourselves in a corner and we won’t get out. Something has to give and Democrats will never stop spending money.

So I say let it happen. Give the president his blank check and let him spend until he’s blue in the face. Let him spend and spend like a drunkard drinks themselves into a coma. Republicans should give him what he wants no strings attached. Let him go wild and build the machine. And when the machine cannot sustain itself, let it crash and burn.

At this point I feel defaulting would save this country from debt faster than spending would.But what do I know? I’m just some 24 year college student who knows more about balancing a budget of 10 dollars better than politicians trying to balance a budget of a 14 trillion.