Rupert Murdoch Witch Hunt


The left wing media in America may have finally found an avenue in which it can lay serious damage on Rupert Murdoch and thus by way of domino effect lay serious damage to the liberal media’s most enduring and strongest competitor: Fox News. It’s no secret the left hates Fox News like Muslims hate Jews (hey that rhymes!) and to have any instrument to wield like Tonya Harding’s husband when he kneecapped Nancy Kerrigan, they’re going to jump on that chance.

This is the stuff of liberal wet dreams, they have hoped against hope for a way to take Fox News down a peg and limit the influence of the Republican leaning cable network. Serious implications would predict a scary world where only one point of view is heard because all the alternative outlets have been ran out of town or smeared into submission.

Guys the left is playing for keeps because they feel this may very well be the last chance they have to transform the society, cultural, and political system. All extensions of the left wing machine are in lockstep: The media, Hollywood, and the Democrat Party. Murdoch’s hacking scandal in the UK is no doubt the fault of his people at the very least who worked at the gossip magazine that hacked into the phone of a dead little girl. I’m not excusing those horrible acts, but I cannot cheer on the downfall of a man I don’t even know.

But of course if you’re a liberal you’re creaming your cargo pants at the thought of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire falling to pieces.

Am I a Fox News loyalist? No, I watch MSNBC and CNN all the time. But that’s the point folks, we should welcome all points of view no matter how annoying and douche bag like the hosts on CNN and MSNBC are. But to have a country where one viewpoint reigns above all is a scary country to live in. Before Fox News took off the media could lie and push an agenda because there was no one to offer the alternative or challenge them on it.

So I suggest to everyone at Fox News and to Mr. Murdoch that they get their rain gear because a storm is coming boy a storm is coming.

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