I'm With Stupid: So Let's Get Stupid

If the Democrats and the president lie about social security checks and Medicare can you blame them? After all is it the fault of those who so cunningly take advantage of a profoundly more aloof and let’s face it a nation increasingly falling victim to its own stupidity. Now I know you might be offended by this but there’s that old saying: “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”. When are we going to realize the blame for our politicians fooling us falls to the feet of the people, not the pols themselves.

I mean a politician shouldn’t be a shady douche bag looking to get over but unfortunately that’s what we have to deal with right now. But does it mean we have to deal with it forever? Of course not, if we apply standards to those running for public office. Our politicians will act like a-holes until we take that leash, shorten it up, and yank so hard it damn near breaks their neck when they try to get away like the insidious pole smoking dogs they are. There’s no group of people I dislike more than politicians. Well maybe celebrities but other than that I can’t stand politicians. I don’t like people who despite being a complete moron think they know better than you do.

Now is the time when we decide whether or not we’re a nation of idiots who depend on a government that has contempt for our idiocy. Those little accidents in California protesting over student loans they believe they’re entitled to because they think they deserve a college education. As someone who had to drop out three times before being able to attend the final two years of college starting this fall, I take offense to these soft head punks who never met a hard day in their life. I doubt any of those bearded, skinny jean wearing, Death Cab on loop in the iPOD listening, “Love is my religion” t-shirt wearing, end result of a one night stand between a former Vietnam war protester and a Women’s Studies major on a hot July evening in 1985, child of American middle class suburbia know what hard work and real sacrifice is.

These kids, these punks think sacrifice is buying last year’s iPhone because they couldn’t afford to buy the current version. To them hard work is plotting up and down the neighborhood knocking on doors trying to get signatures for a petition to boycott Walmart. These pieces of cat crap with eyes and a mouth don’t know about hard work. I say we take away their student loans and we make them earn their keep.

If I sound bitter I am. I’m bitter because those little douches and the douches like them live in a fantasy world. I say we invade that world like its freaking Battle: Los Angeles and we own these creeps. Let’s make em sweat it out. Let’s not raise the debt ceiling and let’s target programs that these snot twats depend on like helpless dogs. I’m not saying we should throw granny under the bus because the seniors in this country have sacrificed and worked years to earn that program.

But we should without a doubt starve the ones who protest over college tuition. The ones who protest in front of banks because their home is in foreclosure, the CODE PINK types who protest in front of Military Recruitment Centers in Berkeley. The illegal immigrants who protest because they want the same benefits that natural born and legal immigrants receive. We could round them all up and put them in a UFC style octagon and have them fight for their government program. We’ll say, if you want it so bad then you have to earn it.

The drones are the ones who keep real reform and deficit reduction from happening. The drones are the ones who won’t allow entitlement reform. The drones keep the lying pig politicians in office because the drones are willing to sell themselves to the highest government bidder. A f**king drone is likely to support dictatorial government at this point if it ensures their entitlement or their student loans are safe. So, those of us who are reasonable, willing to work hard and sacrifice for the ultimate goal of safety, security, and a peaceful life with our families well, we’re with stupid; so let’s get stupid and make them pay.

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