Tax Increase Cult

If the GOP is the “tax cut cult” then the left adheres to the cult of tax increases. I mean, think about it for every Republican going about over the issue of tax cuts, and we all know the GOP talking point is tax cut, tax cut, tax cut, liberals for years have remained equally as loyal and I suppose “cultist” to the idea of tax increases. In fact the left has long been the movement based on punishing those it finds useless to its ultimate goal. The rich are unfairly targeted for no other reason than the fact that they’re rich. If this were a group of 90,000 a year earners then it would be no question. But this hatred toward those who use private jets, wear expensive suits, work in large buildings, and live in mansions borders on obsession with those who have little if anything to do in relation to the lives of those who have such hatred toward them.

Now, what sounds more in line with what a cult would represent? A party having principles and adhering to those principles or a group of people in lockstep with their obsession and hatred for a small group of people in this country? What sounds more like a cult? Someone who agrees that tax cuts are good for the economy or someone who belongs to a group of people who hate the rich? This one’s a no brainer and yet somehow we’ve been conditioned to believe that those who earn money don’t have the right to keep it.

I want you to think about that. If you earn your money, no matter how much money you earn, you have no right to do with that money whatever you feel like doing. This is truly a twisted logic in which we find ourselves my friends. You’re telling me a guy who risked it all to start a company and made a few million over a decade of putting in work doesn’t have the right to either save, donate, or spend that money?

If you want to pay more in taxes by all means be my guest. But it should be your decision and not by way of government force. I’m getting sick and tired of liberals to be honest with you. It’s hard for me to sit by and watch these douche bags ruin our country. And accusing them of ruining the country is no far fetched accusation. There’s more than one way to ruin a country. You can dispirit its citizens through demagoguery, as in targeting anyone who owns a mansion or a jet by calling them evil. The left is so freaking sad and so freaking miserable they want company. These jerk offs know nothing else but to create victims, devils, crisis, and in terms of their own leaders, idols.

Now you tell me which movement more resembles a cult. Hopefully a comet will come and these punks will partake in a collective “offing”. The only liberal I could ever stand was my first girlfriend. Other than that I could do without these people. They’re 20% of the population yet they’ve caused 99.99% of the problems in this country.

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