Michele Bachmann: Religious Zealot?

As someone who gave his heart to Christ at 22 years of age I’m rightfully taking sides with those who express and share the same faith that I enjoy. Though I’m not perfect and more often than not I sin and I ask for forgiveness, I know the ultimate goal in this journey is to be pure of heart and rest my soul in the convictions and teachings of Jesus Christ. No one Christian is perfect, and all Christians sin, but no Christian should ever apologize or back track on their faith. The bible makes clear that we are to choose sides and stand strong in our responsibility to whatever path we choose to take. Jesus said he doesn’t want lukewarm believers. But how do you square that in a country and a culture increasingly anti-Christ, immoral, and deviant in its behavior and attitude toward the solid black and white principles of our lord and savior?

Let’s face it, America today is far removed at least in the culture from the word than ever before. The 1960s brought the theme: “If it feels good do it”, we’re told that sex isn’t bad because it’s just sex. The porn community is now an accepted member of mainstream society often merging with Hollywood when porn stars get starring roles in major films. I can recall the crusade against misogynistic content in rap music during the 1990s, nowadays what’s calling a woman a bitch or a ho here and there among hip hop fans? After all the more we accept immorality the more numb we feel. Our steel spine of principle and moral duty has been replaced with the timid approach of relativism and political correctness.

We dare not say two guys can’t kiss but we won’t hesitate to tell a Christian they can’t pray in public because it might offend the ten people around them who might be atheists. We don’t know if they’re atheists or not, but they might be so just in case, don’t pray over your meal at the local eatery.

I bring this up because Frank Schaeffer, the author of the book Sex, God, and Mom was on Martin Bashir’s show and he said Bachmann’s radical Christian views will unseat her as a potential serious candidate in the general election. He accused Bachmann, get this, he accused Bachmann of trying to build a Christian theocratic government where the bible is law above the constitution and the Bill of Rights. Now, where have we heard that before? I can recall Mike Huckabee being accused by the left of trying to install a shadow theocracy when he ran for president in 2008. It’s funny, the left believes it when people say a devout Christian wants to install a theocracy based on the bible yet accuse those of Islamaphobia when someone accuses organizations like CAIRE of wanting to apply Islamic Sharia based on religious beliefs.

This latest attempt by the media and the left to stifle the potential of a Bachmann White House bid is by far the most offensive in my eyes. As a Christian I take offensive to those suggesting that to stand against abortion and homosexuality and to express their Christian faith is somewhere radical, then you’re calling Jesus a radical. You know Jesus, the one who liberals claim was left wing himself because he preached about helping the poor and the meek shall inherit the earth? In fact you only mention Jesus when you talk about wealth redistribution, other than that you don’t follow his teachings, dare I say. But that same so called liberal hippie Jesus with the hipster beard and long hair, I take it he would oppose gay marriage and homosexuality altogether. I’m guessing he would oppose abortion, I could be wrong but I don’t think I am.

And how would he feel about those on the left equating his word and that of his father with radicalism? You know Jesus could not stand, I mean he absolutely could not stand relativism. If there was one thing that upset Jesus during his time on earth it was the fence riders who danced back and forth between Christian and sinner. He took that as a spit in the face of his father and you don’t diss someone’s dad like that, especially not Jesus.

So here’s my question to you: Mr. Schaeffer said the GOP needs to decide if they’re going to be a normal party or a party of Christian radicals who want theocracy. I mean, look at the party he supports. They’re the party of baby killing, government programs, debt, homosexuality, deviance, relativism, appeasement, Hollywood, secularism, and idolatry. So, would you rather be a party of Christian and moral principles, or a party far remove from both to the point where even their devout Catholics put political ideology over the teachings of their faith?

It’s clear we’re the party of god, guns, and guts. But we’ve long been the party of moral perspective and principle. The left argues the future calls for a party relaxed in principle and embracing of secular confusion. They want to frame us because they hate our god, plain and simple. Sounds a bit rash but as Jesus said: “If you are of this world it will love you like its own. But I have chosen to take you out of this world and that is why they hate you.”

Michele Bachmann and other expressive Christians who celebrate their faith need not heed the outrage and chattering of an increasingly morally abysmal left who it seems made a pact with their secularism in the name of a false diversity and community. Jesus said the sinners in the world will hate Christians because of him, boy was he right.

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