Video Games Don't Raise Children, Parents Do

I understand the argument from the old conservative farts like Cal Thomas and Phyllis Schlafly who spoke out against the Supreme Court ruling when it comes to violent video games and whether or not they tie into the first amendment. No Mrs. Schlafly the court didn’t get it wrong, they were right on target, excuse the violent metaphor I didn’t mean to shoot from the hip and fire away with that bullet of a metaphor.

Fact is video games don’t raise or shape the minds of kids, no matter how badly Mr. Thomas and other ancient minds of his ilk want to believe they do. I’m 24 years young and in 1992 a game called Mortal Kombat invaded arcade machines around the world. Now for those of us here at Red State who are unaware of the concept of the game its all about fighting to the death. From decapitations to incineration and everything in between Mortal Kombat has become the most successful and widely recognized fighting game in history. I mean just walk up to someone and demand “Test you might!” and they’ll immediately know what you’re talking about.  Mortal Kombat is that widely known and yes its quite quotable.

My own personal experience with video games have been pretty normal. My parents wouldn’t allow me to play games rated above the average game for an eleven year old. Although since my uncle was a gamer I would play Mortal Kombat at my cousin’s house whenever I stayed the night. I grew up playing first person shooters, fighting games, adventure games, you name it. And yes I’ve played every Grand Theft Auto game, the most prominent target of the anti-video game movement’s ire. No other game has held up as the shining example of the anti-video game movement’s hatred than GTA.

But you know I can say with confidence that I turned out to be a pretty reasonable and clear thinking 24 year old young man. I don’t have violent outbursts, I don’t have the urge to shoot up my college campus or rape an innocent female for kicks. I’m a normal god fearing young dude who just so happens to be a gamer. Despite being the biggest Gears of War fan out there, and I might add playing both Gears of War 17 times (Yep, that’s right) not once did the constant flashes of chainsaw hacked bodies, foul language, gun fire, exploding bodies, dismemberment, and scary imagery have a profound effect on my psyche, and you know why? I can tell the difference between reality and fantasy, that’s why.

My parents were good people and they raised me right. I wasn’t allowed to watch “R” rated movies because my parents were aware enough to consider you know maybe nudity and language are best kept out of sight when children are present. Today however, and unfortunately I might add parents are too afraid to tell their kids no. They want to be their kids’ friend instead of being a parent. My mom and dad would never allow me to drink in the house while they were there. Old school parents just don’t think that way. This new age progressive bull-sh*t wouldn’t fly in my house growing up. My mom had no use for parenting books or the “progressive way to raise a child”. What she and my father said were law, period.

Today kids have cellphones and iPads and a computer in their room. Me and my brother didn’t have a computer in our room growing up. We had one tv with no cable and a video game system, that was it. I wish I would ask my mom for a smart phone and a new laptop computer.

The Supreme Court nor the government can play mommy and daddy to kids who have parents. Their parents have to step up and take action. Stop worrying about your kid hating you and tell his or her butt to sit down somewhere. Or in the words of my mom: Boy get outta my face before I forget who you are and slap the hell outta you.” Now that’s parenting.

I agree ten fold with the Supreme Court. Don’t take away my video games just because some kid is f*cked up.

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