Leaving Las Kandahar

Here we go again. Just when we saw the fading praise of the Bin Laden death evaporate from the lips of every  shameless left wing media type in this country now lead by the New York Times the media hails the President as virtually unbeatable in 2012 because now Republicans can’t attack him on the war effort. But like always the media fails to check its own moronic view and look at the big picture going forward. First off, the president is withdrawing  troops not because we can claim victory in Afghanistan, though it will certainly be reported that way. He’s authorizing a troop withdraw because we’re unfortunately wasting precious lives and precious dollars in a region of the world that let’s be honest here, most Americans would rather we leave altogether. It’s been ten years since the war in Afghanistan began, and even longer since we first made our presence known in the Middle East. The American people are weary of Middle Eastern involvement by the United States and they would rather we pullout and focus on domestic issues than try to transform a 4th century piece of desert property into a full functioning and advanced 21st century nation with democratic rule and a constitution.

We must realize something about Afghanistan and the Middle East at large: With the exception of our dear ally and brother Israel, there will never be true freedom and democracy in a region held captive by Islamic law and Islamic world view. Here’s something we all know to be true yet wouldn’t say aloud: Islam in its current form and individualism cannot mix. What we see in Egypt, Yemen, Syria, and elsewhere cannot attribute itself to our revolution which was for the most part peaceful and organized. Our founders were in fact weary of such a French version of an uprising among the people. They knew if gone down that road it would lead to a lifetime of tyranny for the next generation.

In the Middle East we cannot build, buy, nor convince the Muslim and Arab people into accepting Jeffersonianism if they do not fundamentally understand the roots and foundation of Jeffersonian democracy. If all you know is tyranny and oppression you will, ultimately revert to what it is you’ve known all along. This so called Arab Spring is nothing more than a precursor to something far worse than what was in place. I agree with the President Obama in his decision even if the motives weren’t exactly as he said they were. We’re not leaving having found success against the Taliban or Al Qaeda, but so long as we’re starting to leave, who cares what the reasons are. If I were the president I would go even further than what Obama did. I’ve always been to the far left of the president when it comes to his Middle East policy. I said time and time again let’s just leave the region and never look back. Let them figure out what they want, and what they choose is what they have to deal with. If its tyranny and Islamic law they seek, then that is their bounty to accept.

Some might say that’s a radical isolationist view to hold, and I agree. My conservative street cred ends at the water’s edge. I don’t believe in policing the world, and I don’t believe in endless wars. It’s one thing to fight a faceless group of scumbags halfway across the globe, and its something totally different if this same scumbags originated in South America. What the Monroe Doctrine laid out we’ve expanded it far beyond its named boundary.

So kudos Mr. President, now its time to end another senseless war in Libya. Then maybe the GOP’s hands would truly be tied.

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