For those still unsure about whether or not we as Republicans can nominate someone strong enough to beat President Obama in 2012, the president aside take a look at his most vocal of ideological loyalists and revisist your doubt in the current GOP field. You know I would, with confidence bet the farm, if I owned one on the notion that most conservatives here and elswhere, including Fox viewers realize from the jump that Fox News has a right leaning bias. At the same time it, my feeling teeters between utter bewilderment and annoyance when I see CNN and MSNBC act as though Fox, rather than their own proven bias exists. It’s like, there’s a slutty girl in high school. Now, everyone knows she’s the school slut, I’m talking teachers, lunch ladies, everybody knows she’s the school slut. And yet, she tries to convince people that you’re the slut, because you slept with one guy to her sleeping with twenty guys. The math doesn’t add up and yet the media has two targets heading into the 2012 battle: Fox News and the GOP nominee.

My grandmother used to say you can’t cure dumb, and what we’re seeing from the sudden increase in “Go after Fox” stories and “Speaking truth to Roger Ailes Power” segments on the Ed Show and the like proves nothing but a bizzarre turn in the way our culture is as of now. I always talk about how Hollywood and other corporate entertainment  entities go after non-Hollywood corporations for partaking in the same practices as if they, they meaning Hollywood wasn’t built on a capitalist model which sees its actors, directors, producers, and writers reap millions, and yet they reject the same type of machine that drives Wall Street and other symbols of American free enterprise.

What media lightweights fail to comprehend in their ongoing collective circle jerk outrage over Fox News is that the same bias they accuse Fox of having, they’re afflicted by the same disease. They have the same symptoms, the only difference is Fox’s bias resides within the realms of its opion talkers like Sean Hannity and GLen Beck, for now at least in Beck’s case, whereas on CNN and MSNBC, along with the evening news networks, their bias bleeds into what they consider their “legit news coverage”. Each and every “reporter” at CNN and MSNBC at one point make their views known to the small audience they enjoy. With Fox you can’t tell which side Chris Wallace and Brett Baier fall. On the other hand you get a clear sense within minutes of their reporting which side the likes of Contessa Brewer and Chris Jansing pledge allegiance.

The fact that MSNBC has at least two of every reporter from every major newspaper in the country on call as regular political analysts should say something. To the reasonable sane it certainly does, but like Ann COutler said in her new book liberals are willing to embrace contradictions and lies because the ends justify the means. They’re trying to make Fox the sole controlling of the message and Roger Ailes the hand on the tiller of the status quo, when in reality Fox stands alone as the sole alternative view to an otherwise overwhelming liberal media hodge podge of like lieft cum stains that merged with snot, then morphed into an alien like bacteria inside Helen Thomas’ twat. Sorry for that image for those who read this beforing dinner.

Truth is they aren’t speaking truth to power, because they created the power while being the true status quop media machine in America. Again its this tactic used by the liberal elite when they attack capitalism while building their empires through capitalism (George Soros and Hollywood are prime examples). The left is creating a demon for 2012, problem is not enough sane people watch MSNBC or CNN, or network news for that matter to garner enogh support against Fox. Doublebly worse is the fact that more liberals watch Fox News than MSNBC. Dang son, when your own don’t like your sh*t you got problems. That’s like your girlfirend liking your brother.

So when the left hails Jon Stewart for taking on Fox when he appeared on Fox News Sunday and in the words of David Corn “undressed” Chris Wallace and scolded Fox News as the most bias among news networks, again I waited and waited for him to impress me with his wit. Instead I just sat their and said to myself: “What’s so witty and insightful about stating the obvious?” Stewart said the most obvious thing I’ve heard in a long time, he said he was a comedian first. He was off by a little I must confess. He’s a liberal first, comedian second, short third, not funny fourth, overrated fifth, a pseudo-intellectual sixth, still not funny seventh, and a news reporter ninth, tenth, and so on.

Republicans stop trying to win favor with these douchebag clowns by going on their show and trying to make nice. Rick Perry nailed it when he said these liberal accidents in the media don’t like you, so why kiss their brown eyes?

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