Sarah Palin: Trailblazer, not Presidential Candidate

You know, I’ve believed for some time now that Sarah Palin wouldn’t run for president. I think her intentions have been clear for a while and we have yet to really catch on to what she intends to do with all her influence and popularity within the Conservative movement and the Republican Party. I think Sarah wants to be the king or queen maker. I do believe if Michele Bachmann catches fire and wins Iowa and other important states during the primary Sarah Palin will more than likely endorse and campaign for her.

The media is now trying to push this narrative that somehow by Michele Bachmann having such a strong performance in the New Hampshire debate that somehow Sarah Palin had a quote “bad night”. The reason they think this way is because one: They didn’t know Congresswoman Bachmann was so smart and articulate because they used to reticule and make fun of her for the Concord and Lexington remark, and they found out that she didn’t fit inside their caricature. And two: Their hatred and obsession over Sarah Palin burns strong despite, by their own logic her becoming an increasingly irrelevant and sort of old news figure because of Michele Bachmann. So they want it both ways by using their praise of  Bachmann as a way to bash Palin, and yet she’s irrelevant because of Bachmann?

If you listen to what Palin said a few months ago about what would constitute her getting into the race she always talked about whether or not the others would step up and if she saw a lacking in the field she would get in. Well I think its safe to say that Bachmann met that criteria as someone who could I suppose carry the torch that Palin had been carrying all along. I think like Hillary for Palin is was about that all along. I don’t think she wants to be president deep down and I think she sees herself as a trail blazer who fought the good fight and took heat without complaint so that other Conservative women like Michele Bachmann, like Niki Haley who could very well be a player in 2016 or 2020 could have a place on the national stage without the barrage of attacks and constant beating that she took. Dennis Miller said Palin provided cover fire for Bachmann and I think that’s true.

In the end we’re going to see more of Sarah I think, but I don’t think we’re going to see her in any debates. And the only campaigning we’ll see from her is for Michele Bachmann when primary season kicks off. I do think she’ll campaign for Bachmann starting with South Carolina. There is no rivalry between them folks, don’t fall into the media trap that was first set by Politico. There’s room in the party for both of them, but perhaps by Sarah’s own choosing both will serve in different roles.

Its things like this that for once in a long long time I can say I’m proud to be a Republican. So far as it as shown during the NH debate, we stand united against president Obama, and despite the media trying so hard to create a rift between camps, the GOP stands together and ready to engage in 2012. It’s nice to see two women who have so much to offer our party not get caught up in the idea that two women can’t have influence over one group. This idea of “frenimies” is bull crap sandwich. They’re not like liberal women who tear each other apart because they were trained by liberal men to do so. Unlike Democrats Republican men and women alike won’t attack their own. Well, unless your name is Lisa Merkowski and no one in your party likes you, and of course if your name is Lisa Merkowski and you give people good reason to dislike you, which she does. Now, if Lisa Merkowski were in the race, Sarah Palin would definitely get in because you talk about rivals, boy they don’t hide their hatred toward one another at all.