Michelle Bachmann: Come On Now, Really?

Don’t take this the wrong way, I bet you thought I was going to bash the Congresswoman well I’m not. But there is a game of dirty dirty boxing going on and we should all be aware of it, by we I mean the Bachmann camp. Think about it guys, all the stuff we heard about Bachmann being stupid, insane, a b-version of Sarah Palin. Chris Matthews night after night lampooning her with insults, after she stands out in her first debate as an official presidential candidate all the sudden the media and Democrats sing songs of praise? Come on, don’t take a piss on my boots and tell its about to thunderstorm here. I know exactly what the media and Democrats are trying to do.

There doing two things actually: They’re trying to talk of Bachmann in order to bash Palin and create a riff between their supporters. And two, they really want Bachmann to stand out in hopes that she wins the nomination which in their little brains means Obama sails to a second term because they know in a general once Bachmann stands against Obama, the guns will draw and bullets will fly. I’m telling you they did it just last election season guys, we have to wake up. The media fawned and praised McCain because they hated Romney, the New York Times endorsed McCain. But what happened when he won the nomination? The New York Times turned around and tried to pin a fake sex scandal on McCain about some campaign strategist or some lobbyist that was”supposed” involved in Senator McCain on a sexual level yet there was no evidence to that claim. The New York Times tried to burn him once he became the nominee because that’s how the media operates. They try to influence the outcome by playing both sides.

I’m a fan of Michelle Bachmann but I don’t think she has the awareness of how the media operates on a level that a Palin or someone who was involved in the 2008 race has. They’re going to play her and if she gets the nomination which I happen to believe she will, their attitudes of her will go from positive to hostile in 60 seconds. She may have good people around her who know the game, but as we’ve seen throughout political history in this country Washington Republicans often play the role of absent minded ignoramus when it comes to how the media plays them time and time again. McCain fell for it in 08 hook line and sinker. He believed the media hype and how he was their favorite Republican, but he didn’t realize the only reason they liked him is because he got under conservatives’ skin. And we all know there’s only one group of people the media and the left hate more than Republicans and Evangelicals: Conservatives.