Let Me Vent On Politico Doing Thy Bidding For Their Master in Chief

Politico is without a shadow of a doubt an extension of, if not the White House directly they are an extension and a messenger for the Democrats. I’m absolutely convinced based on the fact that their trying to create a political rivalry between Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin. This all started last month when Politico ran several stories about Bachmann and Palin throwing their hat into the race for the GOP nomination. Since then they’ve ran stories pushing a false narrative that somehow because they’re both conservative women who enjoy heavy Tea Party support, that makes them rivals, despite both Palin and Bachmann rebuking any rumor out their that they have a beef with each other.

I’ve never really trusted Politico because I know at least two of their main reporters have direct ties with the White House, one of whom being Mike Allen. But this really pisses me off because what they’re trying to do is destroy Sarah Palin by using a conjured up bullsh** story and by extension Michelle Bachmann as a wedge to drive Palin out of the conversation. Is she that effective?

I’m confused, is this no nothing bimbo from Wasilla who “flubbed” the midnight ride of Paul Revere that effective to where an entire political website like Politico who poses as a legit source has to make up fake rivalries between two friends? It’s pretty scary when you have Politico feeding a lie to the media after the source of this lie debunks the lie itself. Michelle Bachmann said there was no beef because she considers Sarah Palin a friend, Palin herself said though they have differences they’re still friends, and she also campaigned for Bachmann during the midterms last year. And yet Politico continued to put out story after story for what?

But wait, there’s more, Ed Rollins had to shoot off his big mouth and he played right into the media’s phony narrative by taking shots at Sarah Palin. Are these old strategist farts brain dead or just plain stupid? Why would he walk right into this trap? I mean, he must know the history of the media when it comes to Republicans, right? I mean, anyone with two ears, two eyes, and a brain can clearly see the media lead by Politico drumming up this Palin-Bachmann rivalry. Hey Mr. Ed, get your head out your ass. Pardon my Gaelic.

I guess my anger stems from my deep dislike for instigators. Let me tell you about instigators: Instigators are the folks who talk crap behind those ready to throw down, yet they themselves couldn’t crush a grape in a fruit fight. Instigators are the worst kind of people to be around because they always cause a stir and are nowhere to be found when its time to throw them hands. Politico in my humble opinion are instigators. They started this narrative for a reason and they should be called out on it. So, Mike Allen and all you homos over there need to be careful about how you spread lies, because that stuff comes back on you. I’m just saying