This President Goes Both Ways

When it comes to taking credit and diverting the blame to others who have little or nothing to do with the state of the economy. And to those idiotic 55% few, who despite every bit of fact legitimized only by reality and fact, who shouldn’t be allowed to dress yourselves without an in-home care worker present because you’re all a bunch of moronic drones who believe this man to be something he’s not.

The economy sucks bro, and to blame Japan, first of all is sick considering the hell they’ve been through because of the massive earthquake. For someone to use the people of Japan as a way to dodge responsibility really pisses me off and this president is so bent on his own self image and placing himself so high amongst the stars he’s willing to lie, have people lie for him, and use an entire country for his own political gain.

Then he blamed it on high gas prices. Well guess what you tool, how in Sam Hill do you think gas prices got so high? It’s because your administration played games with oil companies and suspended and then allowed permits to be used for exploration. This man likes to play games with people’s lives for his own sick purpose. Folks I’m telling you normal sane people don’t do that, freaking sinister world domination types like do that. Then to top it all off he takes credit for what little good news these was over his presidency.

How can you say your policies are working and yet its not your fault when the economy decides to remain silent inside the toilet bowl? Think about it, if his policies were working our economy would be in a lot better shape, right? I mean, reasonable people who can put two and two together agree with me.

Then you have the media especially CNN and NBC openly arguing a case for Obama’s economic policies. The very stupid and very bald Ali Vashi had a freaking chart that rivaled that of Glen Beck’s famous, or infamous chalk board. The bald douche got upset when National Review’s Jim Geraghty claimed that the unemployment rate during the Obama administration has been higher than the unemployment rate during Bush’s entire presidency except the final months of his second term. Vashi got mad even though Jim was right. The media’s on the defensive because they don’t like it when Obama gets slammed for the bad economy. Well, is he the greatest leader and the smartest president of all time or is he a victim of the evil George Bush? He can’t be the hero and the victim at the same time, he has to be one or the other.

Truth is, and its an obvious truth, he’s the cause and Americans are suffering from his decisions which makes them the victims and him neither the victim nor the hero, but the villain. It sounds harsh but hey, sometimes people do bad things with good intentions. Perhaps president Obama’s lack of intelligence when it comes to governing and the economy stems from the fact that he shouldn’t have been elected in the first place.

I repeat, this guy had no business being elected in the first place. Let’s not play American Idol with our presidential elections please, that’s all I ask. God gave us a brain to guide our sometimes overly emotional and sometimes irrational heart, let’s use it.