But I Killed Bin Laden

Yeah you did, but millions of people are out of work. You know, this reminds me more and more of the second Bush term for many reasons yet to be revealed to the rest of the country. Today the unemployment rate jumped to 9.1%, and for the month of May in its entirety we added 54,000 jobs. Now, I won’t dismiss job growth of any kind, but I certainly won’t celebrate such a weak fart in overall growth for this month. Now, it’ll be interesting to see the media downplay a percentage point increase in unemployment when just two months ago they over hyped and over played a half percentage decrease  in unemployment.

Folks I don’t mean to sound like a broken record but I mean do I really have to say it again? Our economy is on the brink, it was never in recovery and all those media types who lied and gave cover to this president well, sooner rather than later they must take account for their own collective bulls**t. You cannot play with people’s emotions like this and expect them to appease your agenda driven lies.

Our economy remains in the toilet, but today it got flushed even lower than before. So what will Obama say now? Will he be quick to take responsibility for the diarrhea covered jobs report? Sure he takes credit for everything under the sun except when things go bad because of his own doing. I’ve never seen a person so willing to take credit for things he had nothing to do with, yet so unwilling to take credit for the misery and harm he’s causing with such bad policy and bad ideological reason.

45 million people on food stamps, 9.1% unemployment, 17% real unemployment, a debt and deficit that amounts to 90% total GDP, manufacturing has come to a grinding halt, college tuition is rising, health care costs are rising, oil production has been demonized to the point where oil companies are being summoned to Congress for political sport, spending is out of control, and to top it all off, the Federal Reserve is considering a QE3 program. Call it ‘QE3: The Final Chapter’. Yet another sequel in a line of bad movies, this time the final chapter will be upon us if we don’t fire the director and hire new actors. It’s like Godfather 3 and Terminator 3 all rolled into one horrible mess.

But hey, we got Bin Laden…..