The Absense of Logic When Courting Potential GOP Candidates

You know, I don’t want to call those few businessmen donors from Iowa morons, nor do I seek to make fools out of their latest stunt. This courting of current New Jersey governor Chris Christie is exactly that, a political stunt that made no sense and made these guys look pretty foolish. I don’t know how many times the man, meaning Christie has to say he’s not ready to be president before people back off and give him some room.

When asked by Carol Costello on CNN why he feels Christie stacks up better as a candidate against Barack Obama than the current official and close to official candidates Iowa businessman Bruce Rastetter said that his courting of Christie wasn’t a knock on the current candidates as not good enough or capable of being strong candidates, but rather Christie’s blunt and direct style makes him an appealing candidate for president. Now, far be it from me as a former sinner and bull sh*tter to call someone on their bs, but this guy smelled like a pile of cow crap with the amount of bull you know what coming from his mouth.

He, on one hand said the current crop of candidates weren’t weak, but then said in the next breath Christie was the only one out there with a blunt and direct style needed to lead the country. Now, aside from the bs, Mr. Rastetter with all due respect lied. Of course you think the current crop of candidates suck bro, that’s why you want Christie to get in. These guys are like the girl in high school you wants to hookup with the new guy really bad, even though the new guy doesn’t like the slutty popular girl. And like she goes to great lengths to hookup with him based solely on the fact that he’s the new guy and everyone in school is intrigued by him because he’s so different from the other guys in high school.

The question is does Christie take the bait? I don’t support him but I respect his honest answer about his prospects of a 2012 run. He spoke truth when he said he wasn’t ready, those businessmen from Iowa and the establishment high counsel inside the beltway need to respect his honest and get off his nut sack, if you don’t mind me saying.

It’s really sad and kind of creepy when grown men act like groupies. These middle aged white guys are acting like twelve and thirteen year old little girls at a Justin Beiber mall signing. Next thing you know you’re going to see a bunch of middle aged guys in suits anxiously waiting outside the governor’s mansion hoping to get an autograph from Chris Christie. When he comes out they start screaming and shouting “I love you Chris” and then proceed to chase his limo down the street as he peels off. So sad, epic fail bro, epic flipping fail.

Look at the economic news that came out today. 38,000 jobs added last month, filings for unemployment benefits went up, growth slowed, manufacturing slowed, stock market recorded worst day of the entire year. Why do you need Chris Christie to beat Obama when the economy will kick his ass? Pardon my Spanish, of course.