Mitt's Bad Rap

I know bad rap when I hear and see it. I used to listen to secular rap music for most of my young life, so I know the distinction between articulate and poetic rappers such as Rakim and Nas, and the more clownish and empty voices that unfortunately dominate both the television and radio aspect of the genre, such as Lil’ Wayne, Soulja Boy Tell Em, and other buffoonish somewhat black face type rap acts.

Speaking of bad rap you know Mitt Romney has become the target of a lot of unwarranted and misplaced contempt and anger. I’ve never seen a presidential candidate (Palin doesn’t count because she’s not running, at least I don’t think she is) take so much flack from both his liberal opponents and his conservative enemies from 2008. I mean they hate this guy for the dumbest and most empty reasons. Whether its his Mormonism, the fact that his hair is always done, he’s clean shaven, his suits are neatly pressed, he doesn’t swear, he doesn’t drink or smoke, he’s too dull. And I ask, why is that a reason to hate someone, much less a political figure such as Mitt Romney?

Does Romney flip on issues? Yeah, but just three years ago when he captured the nomination for president Barack Obama, as fast as he could spit on the ground voted to extend measures of the Patriot Act after decrying the entire law as unconstitutional when he was running for the Democratic nomination for president against Hillary Clinton. And like Romney Obama held a press conference explaining the sudden change in heart. I didn’t hear the media slam him for his obvious change in direction. This was one of the most obviously political flip flops of all time, yet no objection from the media. Yet with Mitt Romney the guy gets crap for his healthcare plan as governor, he gets crap for saying he was against the bail out when in 2008 he was for it. My point is this, most politicians flip flop, it’s just some do it quicker than others, and for some it doesn’t take a whole lot to do it.

Mitt isn’t fake because he goes back on his initial views, he’s just a politician. If he is fake, then so is every political figure to walk the earth since the time of Christ. And let me tell you Jesus Christ is the only figure I can think of so far who never went back on his word or changed his views. Jesus believed and preached the same thing today, that he preached and believed yesterday, and he’ll believe and preach the same things in the future.

Our politicians are expected to be somewhat truthful and somewhat ethical. But to expect perfection and 100% honesty is to say that our elected officials owe it to us to be something they’re not. Our problem as a culture is that we put too much faith in man, and not enough in ourselves or the almighty god. We want our politicians and our presidents to be all things to whatever our hearts and minds desire. We are a very childish people, I’m afraid, and not a very intellectually mature nation, unfortunately. We live our lives based on a concept similar to that of Mother Goose and her nursery rhymes. We want to avoid any mention of the word “reality” because we’ve been nurtured in the idea that our government and its temporary overseers ought to become our permanent overseer. I’m afraid we’ve become more stupid as a nation.

And so he’s not flashy or overly “wow” in his presentation as a candidate, does that matter? Must I remind you of the man sitting in the oval office as we speak? We went for flash and bang and teleprompters and we got teleprompters and a crapped up economy, debt, deficits, and a nation in decline. At this point I’d vote for Ben Stein over Barack Obama. At least I know Ben Stein has a better grasp on economic issues.

To actually believe Romney’s Mormon faith somehow puts fear in the hearts of evangelicals gives evangelicals a bad name. If Barack Obama was a Muslim, so what. Why do we set ourselves up to look so stupid? Mitt’s bad rap is one that highlights this unsatisfied attitude we have as a nation who has been given everything over the years post-WWII generation. We’re like the spoiled child who wanted the perfect gift for his or her birthday, we got that gift but when we opened the box we hated what was inside, even though it was exactly what we wanted.

Chris Matthews said thank god our views of what a president looks like is changing. That was obviously a dig at Romney because duh, Romney was the topic of discussion when he made that remark. We’re not going to dignify the lush’s comments with a response, we know why Chris Matthews hates white Republicans, but we won’t go there today. But anyway you know whether you support him or not Mitt Romney deserves more respect than what he’s getting right now. Obviously if he wins the nomination Republicans are going to come home, and they need to stop fronting like they aren’t because I doubt there are any so called “Obama Republicans” left. 99.99% of Republicans will support the nominee.

I just had to take time to defend Mitt Romney against what I see as a childish reaction to the guy. The McCain supporters need to get a freaking life because its not like McCain wanted to run for president anyway. I mean, the guy threw in the towel the night he accidentally won the nomination by default via sheer act of god. And the Huckabee folks need to get a life as well and stop hating Romney just because Huckabee had beef with him three years ago. There’s nothing more pathetic than your supporters hating someone because you don’t like them. I don’t know Mitt Romney, I’ve never met him before but he seems like a nice guy and I can tell he genuinely doesn’t understand why people hate him so much.