Bullpen Issues: GOP 2012 Field

The more I hear from her own mouth that she’s looking to make a decision soon the more I’m starting to believe, based on what I know of her in terms of her record that Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann is the type of workhorse pitcher if you will, needed for the types of power hitters we’re going to face in 2012. I like Sarah Palin I really do and I defend her a lot to family and friends, but you know, it’s like, there was a young pitcher named Chris Perez. Chris Perez came up with the Saint Louis Cardinals during a rebuilding year back in 2007, maybe 2008. Now, Perez had all the raw, natural make up for a pitcher, he was 6’4, two hundred and thirty, maybe two hundred and twenty some odd pounds, threw like Roger Clemens, good command, yet the Cardinals didn’t know what to do with him. He spent some time as a starter, then a relief guy, then eventually the Cards dealt Perez to the Cleveland Indians for the more well known and proven vet Jake Westbrook.

Perez’ journey didn’t stop there. He eventually settled in as the permanent closer for the Indians and in fact has become one of the best young closers in baseball today. My point is with Palin she has all the natural god given talent to be a great pitcher, but sometimes great pitchers aren’t always starting pitchers. For example you look at two guys in Dennis Eckersley and John Smoltz. They spent their careers bouncing back and forth between the bullpen and the rotation. We know how great Eck was as a closer, and without a doubt Smoltz will join him in the hall pretty soon.

Some people are meant to be president and some people aren’t. That doesn’t mean Palin is stupid or evil or somehow inadequate. I’ve always said Michelle Bachmann seems like the more workhorse pitcher if you will, of the two. You know she won’t strike out as many batters as Palin, but her ERA will be much lower and she’ll win more games. Bachmann is the 21 game winner with the 2.50 era while Palin might have 15 wins with 19 loses and an era at or above 5, though she’ll lead the majors with 125 strikeouts. It’s like high risk high reward with Palin and with Bachmann you can trust her to go well into the 8th with a lead without getting so nervous you pull her.

Between the two keep in mind is how I frame the argument. Palin garners so much attention and while she might play in more All Star games Bachmann eyes the Cy Young Award each and every year. To me Sarah Palin might run for president because people want her to, not necessarily because she believes she was born to be president. She strikes me as someone who doesn’t even want to be involved in politics yet she hangs around because people ask questions and want her take on the issues. With Bachmann, you get the sense that she would better handle the situation because she’s been in the fray for a while, not too long but a lot longer than Palin on a national level at least. Bachmann holds a lot of important and key positions as a Congresswoman.

So at the end of the day I hope Palin doesn’t run. I know that sounds all Beltway elitist but I just see Bachmann as the better choice between the two. She’s in the fight right now on the budget and on foreign policy, that gives her an advantage that Palin doesn’t have. In my view you go with the arm that’s proven to have won games for you in the past rather than the arm that despite having some upside, can get kind of unpredictable more often than not.