Sarah Palin Could Win in 2012...

If she chooses Mitch Daniels or someone of his political and executive ilk if you will as her running mate. You know far be it from me to quote the great former mayor of San Francisco Willie Brown, but today he made a good point on Hardball. He said no other official or potential GOP presidential candidate has the legs as he called it to survive the kind of snowstorm of media scrutiny and close personal attention the way Sarah Palin has ever since she introduced herself to the national audience three years ago. I doubt that was an endorsement by Mr. Brown but his point about Palin’s uncanny ability to withstand so much attention and so much pressure from her foes in both the political establishment as well as the media establishment without really veering off her own message or getting her own message out to her supporters makes her the only candidate, according to Mr. Brown that has the tools to be an overwhelming favorite should she choose to get in the race.

That being said she has a lot of negatives and her first time on the mound as a rookie well, she struck out a lot of batters but she gave up a lot of runs as well. I think if she does decide, which I believe she will even though I thought she might not since Michele Bachmann will likely run, I thought Palin wouldn’t want to put herself in a position to cut Bachmann down to size because they’re close friends.

If Sarah Palin ran and she won the nomination and Mitch Daniels doesn’t run or he runs and drops out of course, she would be better served going into a general election against Barack Obama if she chose Daniels or someone like him as her running mate. Early this year I thought maybe a George Pataki or perhaps Tom Ridge could shore up any lingering doubts about Palin’s seriousness about the job of president. The lasting knock on her has been her credibility based on her unorthodox approach which at times has been seen as disorganized and undisciplined. A guy like Tom Ridge with his foreign policy chops, moderate tone, and popularity in Pennsylvania could give Palin some much needed muscle in blue collar states like West Virginia, Kentucky, among others.

If I were Sarah Palin and I would take a serious look at Tom Ridge. I think it gives her a lot of credibility on foreign affairs. Remember, Ridge was the former head of Homeland Security so he brings a lot of know how to the table when it comes to terrorism. He was also effective in running for governor as a moderate Republican. Since we know Palin to be one of the leaders if not the leader of the conservative movement with her bold conservative principles, a guy like Ridge would serve as a strong contrast with his more moderate views like on abortion.

Tom Ridge could be the guy Americans look to as a trusted adviser and vice president to Palin’s more gut feeling, unorthodox style. Putting my own personal views on such a ticket aside, I really believe if Palin runs for president and wins the nomination bringing Tom Ridge along wouldn’t be a bad idea politically. John McCain’s problem in 2008 was his choice for vice president. Voters trusted McCain but not Palin, and I think Republicans should look to what Obama did which was the reverse. He was the young inexperienced candidate who Americans liked, but didn’t trust. He changed that around when he brought Joe Biden on board as his “experience buffer”. Joe Biden whatever you think of him was seen as this long time Senator with a breadth of foreign policy knowledge, even if had been wrong on so many foreign policy issues. At least with Tom Ridge you would get foreign policy street cred minus the history of political foot in mouth disease. Just my thought since I’m pretty sure Palin is going to announce she’s running in about a month or so.