Gutsy Call or the Obvious One to Make?

You know after hearing liberal media outlet after liberal media outlet report on the daring “offing” of Usama Bin Laden and the fawning praise of our president as this sort of rising commander in chief phoenix type creature rising from the ashes of questioned leadership and lack of confidence in his decision making, coupled with this narrative of a tall, measured leader among lesser men with a spine of steel and a heart of brass that pumps red, white, and blue blood, I too would fall for this now running joke that suggests the killing of Usama Bin Laden was a gutsy call by this president. Well I have a question about this whole thing: Was it a gutsy call or an obvious one?

Think about it, Seal Team: “Mr. President we have Usama Bin Laden in a compound, we have him in our sights, just give us the word and he’s neutralized” Obama: “Um, you know what, let’s not do this now, let’s wait another week before we spray his brains all over Abbadabad”. I mean what president wouldn’t give the okay if they were told we had the most notorious terror leader in history within a bullet’s range of the pit of Hades? In my estimate it would have been a tough decision had Obama said no don’t send him to his supposed 72 virgins. But sometimes making the right decisions don’t necessarily mean you made the gutsy decision. It was taking the easy way out when he gave the go ahead and after a few days, after the White House in their rush to do a touchdown celebration (leaking events leading up and during the raid, going to ground zero after lecturing the country about releasing the photos of a dead Bin Laden and whether or not that would be seen as spiking the football so to speak) they had to walk their stories back because they were beginning to sound like a tall tale. Apparently Usama Bin Laden wasn’t armed, he did oblige the Seals Team in a fire fight, he didn’t use one of his thirteen thirteen year old wives as a human shield, and apparently he was shot by his own guards because he refused to be taken alive by the Americans. So this wasn’t exactly a scene from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, great game by the way.

So no this doesn’t make Barack Obama unbeatable in 2012 because even with the capture of Saddam Hussein George Bush saddled Republicans with a financial crisis and six dollar gas, which spelled their political demise in 2008. And no, this doesn’t render criticism of Obama’s foreign policy null and void. Remember, even though the Bush administration captured and killed Saddam Hussein, tensions with North Korea and Iran were about to hit a fever pitch. With Obama you still have three wars, tensions with North Korea and Iran, China still doesn’t respect us or our president, and the uprising in the Middle East looks more and more less democratic and more and more fundamentalist by the day.

It’s so convenient for the media to wash over these events and the events here at home, but unfortunately for them I have a good memory and an even better grasp of the issues. We’ll see how unstoppable he is when he has to explain away inflation, massive foreclosures, a housing crash, 9% unemployment, high gas prices, massive debt and deficit spending, higher unemployment in the states, higher than the national average in fact, states going broke themselves, a wrong track number of 60%, and anemic growth of 1.9%. But of course, he’s invincible because he played Captain Obvious for a day and got Bin Laden, give me a flippin’ break dude.