America's Lust for Violence and Vengeance

America has a real lust for vengeance and violence. While I won’t go as far as some on the left in condemning those who celebrated the news of Usama Bin Laden’s demise last Sunday I will however bring to light our tendency to place double standards on our moral compass. In the eyes of most Americans killing is wrong, unless that person has wronged you then killing is just. In cases of war people on both sides of the barbed wire line are killed, unfortunately someone is killed as often as someone is born, every second in fact. But we cannot argue the deaths of soldiers in the same breath as the death of Usama Bin Laden and here’s why: You see soldiers aren’t killed out of vengeance, but Usama Bin Laden was. And its not the fact that it was Usama Bin Laden who was killed that bothers me, but this bloody thirsty roar across America that calls for his head in the name of revenge.

The bible sets this one pretty clear in that only the lord can seek vengeance for the wrongdoing of his children. "He says vengeance will be his" So what made us the last judge on the throne to decide who deserves to live and who deserves to die? I understand the emotion behind the issue of Usama Bin Laden, and 3,000 of my fellow Americans killed is no easy pill to measure but are we so pure of heart and moral spirit in the eys of the almighty as to appoint ourselves the judge, jury, and the executioner?

The lord said he will judge us all from the throne, and he will judge you and I in the same context as Usama Bin Laden. I bet you told someone that they would be shocked to even think something like that could ever happen. You mean Usama Bin Laden and I are going to be judged on the same grounds according to the same guidelines? Yes, we are. We’re a nation and a culture consumed with pornography, sex, drugs, materialism, secularism, anti-Christian behavior and attitude, selfishness, greed, and idol worship. Those people dancing and waving American flags, declaring Usama Bin Laden’s soul in the pit of hell are the same ones kneeling before false idols in Hollywood and in the music industry. They don’t know god and they don’t care to know god until they need him to get Usama Bin Laden. It’s funny how we praise god when he does something we want yet we ignore him in our everyday lives and we blame him when something goes wrong.

So no I won’t celebrate the death of Usama Bin Laden because it’s not my place to declare one way or the other. The lord said we pray for our enemies and I certainly prayed for this man’s soul because I believed he wasn’t truly himself, but a spirit acting through him. I also prayed that his followers turn from his twisted ideology and that they find the lord before its too late. It’s time America find the lord before we find ourselves crying out for him when something goes wrong. I would hate for him to have to remind us that he does exist and that he has the final word, not a people as flawed and imperfect and guilty as we Americans. We cannot claim the wield the sword of justice when we ourselves are guilty of so many things.