Disrespect Unwarranted

You know I expected Democrats and liberals to turn their nose up at last night’s GOP debate as a second rate showing of the so called “Minor League” candidates but to hear some of these so called enlightened Republican and conservative talking butts dismissed last night’s debate is just plain wrong and quite frankly shows an old boy elitism within our party. Now one of two things will happen en route to 2012: The good old boy country club types will close rank and force us to support their guy, a Mitt Romney or this Mitch Daniels that seems to be on the lips of every establishment conservative from George Will to Charles Krauthammer, their hard on for Daniels makes me want to vomit, I ain’t impressed. Or the Tea Party and other grassroots members of the party will force the establishment to take a backseat while we exercise you know that thing called our right to vote and whomever he think is the most articulate, bold, fresh, and credible will claim the party’s nomination as his or her own, and rightfully so.

I also hear the same folks on the sideline talking up Tim Pawlenty as the lone “serious” candidate among the gentlemen who attended last night’s debate. Now, what makes one a serious candidate? I always thought that if you know about the issues, have a credible and coherent platform, and have some sort of experience be it economic, foreign policy, or what have you, then you’re a pretty serious candidate. But I guess you have to be acceptable to the likes of Will and Krauthammer and all those Washington staples who been there almost as long as the capital’s been in existence.

One of the things I admire about Democrats is that they don’t have a “next in line” system. Whoever they feel has the best chance of winning based on charisma, intelligence, their message, and their boldness the Democrats don’t care about who ran last time, if they feel right about a person they go for it. I only wish Republicans would finally put to rest this old white guy system or the Bush family system and just go with someone who might, just might bring something new to the table. Say what you will about Obama, at least Democrats knew their was something there and they went for it.

Republican hierarchy wants to remain in their positions of influence and so they will try to discredit the likes of Herman Cain, Ron Paul, and Gary Johnson. Well I say screw George Will and the other disconnected enlightened ones.