Are Conservatives Starting to Show Some Signs Of Fear?

It’s looking that way across the board from conservative talkers and writers to elected officials and political aides it seems the news of Bin Laden’s demise and the obvious credit given to Barack Obama for making a decision that is equally as obvious has some of our conservative brothers and sisters in a run position ready to dash for the hills come 2012. Am I the only one here who understands the historic nature and thus the typical nature behind the presidential circumstance bump? As in, if something bad happens you get blamed, if something good happens you get credit, if something good happens because of your policies you get reelected, if something bad happens because of your policies you get defeated by the challenger in the other party. Now, I’m not the one who spent years and years inside the Washington political machine, I’m not a politician or a party insider with a portfolio of DC insider knowledge and yet I find myself the only one who still believes Obama will lose his reelection bid in 2012.

Again I’m not a political insider from Washington and maybe those Republican talkers and what not know something I don’t but when I look at the economic landscape for the country I can’t see how this isn’t like Bush and 2008. Remember, George Bush got an 11 point bump after Saddam Hussein was caught and eventually brought to justice by the noose. Of course that bump, which I might add was much larger than Obama’s 9 point bump for the Bin Laden death didn’t help George Bush one bit because the economy ended up falling off the face of the earth and the Republicans were met with political justice by voters. Now when I hear Martin Bashir talk about how this recent news coupled with a slowly improving economy puts Obama firmly in the driver’s seat for 2012 I just laugh, plain and simple.

Think about the economy I mean really look at what’s going on out there on the domestic front. Our economy won’t be getting better anytime before 2012. When you have 1.9% growth after adding over 200,000 jobs last month, add to that the housing market that started tanking in 2008, again the housing market crises started in 2008, you would think after three years the real estate arena would at least bounce back on a moderate level, but no unfortunately things on that front are getting worse. I can write down everything Obama has done wrong during his presidency and all the dead terrorist leaders in the world wouldn’t erase his domestic failures.

I guess because for decades Republicans were seen as the big men on campus when it came to foreign policy that we’re seeing the sudden shrivel of nut sacks but really guys, let’s all calm down and take a deep breath. History is the greatest indicator of all things obvious and false assumed.