Conservatives Look Pretty Foolish Right About Now

And they should to some extent. The running line on Obama was his lack of leadership in areas in his foreign policy. Let’s put his domestic record aside for the moment because it is irrelevant in this period of time. Barack Obama is a horrible domestic president as was George W. Bush, but like George W. Bush Barack Obama has been a pretty good foreign policy president. Now, I’ve made this argument of Bush for years because I always felt as though he put more focus into battling terrorists than trying to improve the United States’ economic standing. Let’s be real here guys, George Bush played a large role in China’s rise with one sided trade deals that benefited one side, China’s. Plus he put America in a position to borrow money from China thus creating an environment where the US had less and less leverage over how dealings with the communist country.

Barack Obama to me anyway can be compared not to George H.W. Bush or Jimmy Carter, but to George W. Bush. Most of Barack Obama’s accomplishments come from his foreign policy, whether its the rescue of hostages from Somali pirates, the speech in Egypt which led or at least had some influence in the eventual uprising in Egypt which was another historic moment in history, now the major drawn down of troops in Iraq can’t be seen as Obama’s alone to take credit for but hey he was in office at the time so he got credit for it. And now we have the death of Usama Bin Laden and you know I said last night this was comparable to the announcement that Saddam Hussein had been captured after he fled and went into hiding.

So conservatives here at Red State and elsewhere should at least give him a thumbs up, but to assume as the media has been really since last night’s press conference that this is a game changer and Obama will float into the White House for a second term and this makes him indestructible is just bias nonsense. I mean to see the child like smiles on the faces of Chuck Todd and Brian Williams and the way Chuck bounce up in down a little as he reported from the White House suggests that the media seemed to be looking forward to this news more so than the American people, and for a completely different reason.

This is last for the rest of this week and maybe the first two days of next week but then we go back to our unfortunate domestic reality of over 45 million people on food stamps, the price of gas and food rising like flood waters, 15 million Americans out of work, 8.8% unemployment, the S%P downgrading America’s AAA credit outlook, the dollar losing its prestige because of the Federal Reserve printing money, inflation is but a stone throws away from being yet another problem for the United States, the housing market by all accounts is the bursting bubble to come before inflation, and our debt is still the wall cloud hanging above the valley ready to drop a twister at any moment.

So, while we can all celebrate this foreign policy moment in history, we can’t assume this cures what ails us domestically. Remember, when the Bush administration announced the capture of Saddam Hussein  stocks went up, just saying.