The Masquerade

The problem with idol worship is that you often find yourself, you being the one who worships false idols with a sense of deep dissapointment and doubt whenever your beliefs and hopes are dashed by what you once considered your own personal savior and model for goodness and whatever else your mind conceives in order to best preserve a sense of self belonging. In this case many people including the media of whom I will focus exclusively in this post created an idol back in 2008 and named him Barack Obama. Their idol had a winning smile, charm, humility, a nice family, intelligence, and the outward appearance garnering him such descriptions as “like a shiny new penny”. Yes, for those who believe in no god at all and lead secular lives their new god was a man they could touch and see with their own eyes.

The world so quickly fall in love with the idea of “what if”. Barack Obama was the perfect figure for a large group of people who sadly look to flawed men and dress them up in costumes of perfection, nobility, charity, honesty, and valor, despite the evidence that suggests man’s very nature is to be of himself and of broken soul, after all we are fallen, often times the world’s so called idols barely live up to a centimeter of what the world itself paints onto the blank canvas.

The birth certificate issue, now behind us finally perhaps played the role of the spoil, for which this fantasy and unhealthy view of the man Barack Obama was to not drink from the cup of victory. What if I ask the document revealed all that Donal,d Trump and others claimed? What if Barack Obama were really born in Kenya and not the big island?

The media and his supporters were so upset and so obsessed over this issue, more so than actual birthers because they had to at least entertain, but for a mere nanosecond the idea of Barack Obama not being who he said and who they imagined him to be. Before I became a Christian and lived my life according to god’s world and not the secular everyday world I used to idolize many musicians, of course being one myself you would expect nothing less from an aspiring artist to worship those who influence him. I can tell you after 15 concerts your favorite musician is nothing like your idea of your favorite musician. Such is the tragedy of idol worship. The media was afraid that maybe this man Barack Obama whom we called the next JFK, the once in a generation leader, perhaps he was hiding something, perhaps he wasn’t who he thought he was. So that fear turned to frustration as poll after poll seemed to daze the establishment media in a perpetual state of bewilderment because of course he was born in America but the media didn’t understand why so many were starting to get a little skeptical.

Or perhaps the frustration came from the media asking why the people surveyed in those polls didn’t see they they saw in Barack Obama. Again it wasn’t the people who promoted and marketed candidate Obama as all things right with America, a champion warrior soldering on in a country rife with racial wounds that won’t heal. Barack Obama’s always the victim of his own honor, in this case Trump was the villain, and the long form document put on display for all to see by Barack himself lent a hand of comfort to his nervous media loyalists who can once and for all say with confidence: “See he is the man we thought he was”. Although, proving you were born in America doesn’t make you an honorable man or an intelligent one, and this birth issue doesn’t scratch the surface of a man who in all accounts is barely a millimeter of what the media said he was.

So proof that he was born in America aside, show me prove that he’s a once in a generation leader, that he’s the next Lincoln or John F. Kennedy. Show me the evidence that he’s the most intelligent man to ever be president or has the highest IQ of anyone to ever be elected president of the United States. If I start raising doubts about that what will they call me, a credentier? maybe, someone who doubts and thus questions the credentials of Barack Obama? Beware, the trap has been set that if you even question Obama’s record thus far in his first term as president you might be accused of birtherism or as I just stated, crendentierism.