Obama Birthers Meet the Palin Preggers

You know I’m not a birther, and I don’t necessarily look down on the birthers but at the same time I just believe more can be made of Obama’s horrendous record thus far as president than his citizenship. That being said you know the media likes to go after those who would question the Americanness of president Obama, and yes I agree with them on that to an extent. I don’t agree however that most birthers are racists and that their question of Obama’s citizenship is code for “I hate darkie”. But while we get caught up in the much publicized birther movement, I want to talk about another group of conspiracy theorists who operate within the shadows of the Democratic Party machine. During the 2008 presidential campaign a group of people from the far-left website Dailykos said Sarah Palin wasn’t really pregnant and that her oldest daughter Bristol was the mother of her younger brother Trig. Now, let me explain that again so you understand it better: Dailykos liberals accused Palin’s daughter Bristol of being the real mother of her younger brother Trig. Still sound crazy?

Now what sounds more irrational the possibility that Barack Obama might not be a natural born citizen, which I mean people born in other countries is pretty common, or Sarah Palin being the grandmother of her youngest child Trig and Bristol her older daughter being Trig’s real mother? Now both sound pretty far out although the birth certificate issue sounds more likely than Palin being her youngest child’s grandmother which sounds weird, gross, disgusting, far out, and loopy. Yet where was the media, besides reporting the story as if it were news unlike their stone wall of all things birther.

They’ll discredit a birther like a prostitute in a rape case, yet the far more irrational and unlikely conspiracy theory first gets covered during the general election campaign, then it gets ignored. And let me tell you there are people on the left still pushing this crazy idea. Case in point look at the comment section on this Politico story about Sarah Palin raising money for a special needs foundation in Alabama.

I have a direct quote from one of the comments on Politico. Quote: “Help get the word out about Palin’s fake pregnancy”. The user’s name is Florida Grammy and they list Democrat as their party affiliation. They also provide links to what I assume is a twitter account giving evidence to their wild claim about Palin. Furthermore someone responds wanting a working link, quote:“Florida Grammy you could be on to something there. I’ve never seen a pregnant woman with a square tummy before.” The user’s name was “Moseyon” and the party affiliation was listed as “N/A” or Not Available.

So again, while both birthers and preggers are wrong in their claim, I would argue that birthers have the more likely scenario.