If A Tree Falls

There’s that old saying “if a tree falls in the forest and no one was around did it really happen?” or something to that effect forgive my inaccuracy if there is any there, but my point is this: If the government shuts down in Washington and the American people aren’t around to hear the doors close, did it really happen? I mean think about it if the government were to shut down would life right this second be any different, would it be worse, or better?

I’m curious to find out what would become of this country and her daily routine if the government and all its minions just up and took a break for a week or so. Well, maybe not a week but perhaps two, three days? Would you be any less poor if you’re already poor? Would you be any less in debt if you’re already in debt? Would you be any richer if you already had massive wealth? It’s an interesting question to ask because I believe our government has become so irresponsible, so dangerously incompetent and so annoyingly intrusive that maybe, just maybe the people would be better off without the daily political vomit that seems to overflow from the nation’s capital.

State governments shut down all the time I’ve heard and while government services have their value, at least some, most government agencies and programs do little to effect the general welfare of the people in a positive way. So what would happen if the EPA weren’t shelling out ridiculous and unreasonable environmental standards and trying to force people to buy florescent light bulbs? What would happen if we could actually hunt and fish without paying eight bucks for a piece of paper telling us what we can or cannot do with our own guns and fishing poles. I men wouldn’t you like to just once venture out into the small business world without going through the needless bureaucratic sludge imposed on you by the federal body?

Think about it, would a government shutdown be so bad? I’d like to think that a government shutdown means a return to true personal and constitutional freedoms, and an end to arrogant know it all based government oversight of “all things” all things. Maybe I’m just that crazy young libertarian, but I bet if you poll the entire country most Americans would agree with me to some extent.