Why Talk Birth Certificates When We Can Talk Record

The latter is far worse than going around scaring people about whether he is or isn’t a natural born US citizen. I’m not one of those Republicans who condescendingly scold the Tea Party and others for raising the birth certificate issue, I am however of the mind that the president’s record rather than his "Americanness" will be a far more effective and larger target for the GOP in 2012. After all I want you to ask yourself this, and be honest with yourselves: What can president Obama point to that suggest the country is headed in the right direction?

Now that might be the most legitimate campaign theme for any Republican contender but I’ve been asking this question for a while now. We have a debt and deficit speeding past the trillion dollar mark faster than a bullet train, our economy is anemic at best, we have 13 million people out of work, 45 million people are now on food stamps, the housing market is as dead as its ever been in our nation’s history with housing prices falling while the number of foreclosures go up, the dollar is but a mere shadow of a shadow of itself because we borrow and print money like its going out of style, inflation is but a stone throws away from becoming a reality, gas prices are spiking, the Obama administration has all but shut the down on domestic exploration with a number of canceled permits, the health care law is by far one of the most if not the most unpopular law passed since god knows when, we have three wars going on with no end in sight for either of them, key areas of the economy shed jobs including the construction and key public sector fields, and most important of all these unfortunate realities is the fact that a concerning 60% of Americans feel the country is headed in the wrong direction.

Now birth certificates and Muslims aside, who could run on such a disastrous record and win reelection? The media likes to compare Obama’s prospects now to Reagan’s in 1984, in hopes that somehow they can make excuses and put this president’s incompetence in proper context. But you cannot, you cannot explain away 13 trillion dollars in debt, you cannot explain away or put 45 million people on food stamps in proper context for the country to better understand. The only thing the country will understand about those numbers is what it says about America. It says America is not the country she was 15 years ago much less 5 years ago.

The GOP needs to hit Obama over the head like a bag of nickels with this right track/wrong track narrative. The president talks about winning the future but sadly our collision course with bankruptcy, high unemployment, high inflation, millions more on food stamps, and millions of homes under water suggests that our future will be less than our parents and grandparents, and our dear children and grandchildren will have a future less than that.

So when the president talks about"Winning the future" Republicans need to strike back and talk about protecting the future because you can’t win in the future if we can’t protect what we have now that has such a profound effect on how are future will turn out.