The Warmongering Left

You know its funny to see and hear the left in this country bang the drums of war so hard as they’ve been doing this past week. I mean to hear the same people who at one time during the eight years of the Bush administration go as far as accuse president Bush as a war criminal and imperialist turn around and defend the unclear and incoherent knee jerk missile strikes in Libya is just amazingly hypocritical.

At first they said this was a coalition led strike with France and Britain taking the lead, then they turned around and are saying this is a bold example of American leadership, American as in Barack Obama. Now let me get this straight, is this a coalition effort led by our friends in France and Great Britain, or did Barack Obama lead the way from the start? I suppose it depends on how much it benefits the president politically, I suppose.

The worst part of all this is the fact that despite all the unclear intentions and the lack of any end game with this so called humanitarian mission the left and the liberal media continues to trumpet the horn as the great leader of our time Obama leads this French and British led then American led military turned humanitarian mission from the confines of South America a few days after completing his NCAA tournament bracket on ESPN with Andy Katz.

So my dear friends as I coin this piece of opinion in the form of a blog post we have officially entered an alternate world where the left beats the steel drum of war and the right calls for a deeper explanation as to what our goal is, how long we’re going to be over there, and if in fact this is a pretext for yet another war in a region I quite frankly am getting tired of dealing with. Oh and we’re aiding unknown rebels who for all we know, and we don’t know much could have been influenced by terrorists outside Libya or simply hate Gaddafi more than the US…at the moment.

A caller on the Mark Levin show made a great point when they asked where Tom Ridge and Colin Powell were in all of this. The Powell Doctrine clearly states that America and her allies have a clear strategy with a clear goal and end game. This knee jerk reaction to criticism they call “Operation Odyssey Dawn”, gay name by the way, has no clear goal nor a clear objective. Defense Secretary Bob Gates has stated that this is not a war and Qadhafi will not be ousted as a result. Those words were echoed by Joint Chief Admiral Mullen.

If they some how, and by they I mean the president’s advisers and his aides believe he’s going to score points with the electorate with this bonehead move they must be smoking the best kush DC has to offer. In a matter of weeks, weeks mind you the president’s approval rating has dropped from 50% to around 42% starting with his handling of the crisis in Japan.

I just wonder how soon the warmongering left will start calling those on the right who object to this latest action in Libya un-American and unpatriotic. It’s like Operation Iraqi Freedom Black President Edition. By the way on the left tagging the right as un-American, you’re already starting to hear that from Chris Matthews and others in the media. You know blind allegiance to man and other worldly figures is something that god tells us we shouldn’t do, and whether it was the majority of conservatives living and dying by the side of George Bush when he launched an unnecessary war or the left suddenly being in favor of war when a Democratic president is in the White House we should just accept the unacceptable because “our guy” is the one doing the unacceptable thing. I MEAN just listen to the left, they sound just like conservatives circa 2003.