The GOP Farm System

Imagine if you will the Republican Party as a baseball team that went spent the past few years in rebuild mode. They traded away all their big time talent in exchange for some promising youngsters. Of course as all baseball and sports fan in general know when a team decides to rebuild it goes through a series of losing seasons, trades, and eventually the young talent blossoms and winning becomes the newly found norm. Well for the Grand Old Party their winning ways came faster than anticipated. Now they’re stuck with a team of old yet still product veterans, too many prospects and not enough talent ready to play on the big stage. If this were baseball the GOP would have some hard decisions to make if they wanted to go for a strong run for the World Series. I talked about this exact same thing a while back and the focus was on Sarah Palin. This time Palin is joined by rising stars Rand Paul, Bobby Jindal, Niki Haley, Susana Martinez, Scott Walker, Bob McDonnell, and many others.

It seems the GOP’s problem is that they have too many prospects, in that they have a lot of developing talent, but not a lot of ready made talent that can step in an pick up where a veteran like Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul left off. I mean let’s say it, Gingrich is not the future and he himself would be the first to say so. What are we going to do with all these high priced veteran stars if they just take up space, cost us more dollars, and can’t really put butts in the seat anymore in terms of support.

Just looking at the current field of potential candidates in the party it resembles the cast of Caddy Shack. There are so many “Country Club” Republicans in the field its crazy. I think we need to make the tough choices and call up a few young arms and young hitters. I’m not going to go as far as some of the conservative talkers like Joe Scarborough and Laura Ingram who keep pushing the Chris Christie train (a tough work out pushing him I imagine, pardon the pun) because Christie’s just got elected governor, why would he all the sudden quit his job after a few months to come quote unquote save the party in 2012? I personally don’t think governor Christie is all that talented and I never saw what many conservatives saw in him. He’s an opportunist so called tough guy who likes to push his weight around…okay that wasn’t a fat joke I promise. I think he’s one dimensional and some might disagree, that’s fine. Then you have the Jeb Bush crowd who have even gone as far as to suggest that perhaps Republicans should not try as hard to when in 2012 so by the time 2016 rolls around Jeb, who hinted at 2016 could run unchallenged in any serious way.

So you have the king makers who want to be able to say they made this person or that person, and you have the people who secretly want us to throw the season so we have the number one pick all to ourselves in the 2016 draft. And I assume Jeb Bush is the number one draft prospect politically, followed by Chris Christie, Scott Brown, Rand Paul, and Scott Walker.

But for those of us who are involved with sports, have been involved, or follow sports we know you just can’t throw a season because you’re not promised a Sam Bradford or a Mario Williams. If we listen to the likes of Karl Rove who seems to be leading the wait until 2016 chatter, we might end up with Jamarcus Russell or Alex Smith instead.

So there are a few questions going forward for the GOP: Do we go ahead and try to win with what we have out on the field, do we try to make a few key deals to get talent that is younger but can help us win now, or do we bite the bullet and call up the more developed prospects like Palin, Jindal, Brewer, or Bachmann. What we can’t do is allow for people like Karl Rove and John Thune to stifle confidence in our team. When they voice their doubt in the party being successful against Barack Obama in 2012 and they do so publicly in articles or on television it sends a message equal to when a coach no longer believes his players aren’t good enough. Right now we have coaches who deep down show little if any confidence in their own players. That’s a sad reality that must be checked. I’m looking for a leader, a Mark Messier who in 1994 declared the New York Rangers would win game six of the Western Conference finals against New Jersey. Where’s our bold leader who despite the utter weakness and lack of spine from the GOP establishment is willing to stand and declare the GOP will win in 2012.