Mr. Obama, You're No Ronald Reagan

Having touched on this earlier in the month we bend the brim of our hats to Andrea Tantaros of the  New York Daily News. Having said that I’ve always been annoyed by the constant comparisons between the Gipper and Barack Obama. Now, I must say I’ve never met president Reagan nor do I consider myself a Reagan conservative, but I understand the movement he built and the millions of conservatives who for better or for worse carry the torch of the Reagan era. No, Barack Obama’s no Ronald Reagan no matter how many times he kisses Nancy Reagan rear, and pays homage to the man, a Reaganite he is not.

What we have here is a political version of an identity crisis. The president is taking his makeover into overdrive and he believes if he can write a swooning piece in USA Today about the Gipper then perhaps he could rally a few words of praise from conservatives. Well Mr Obama unlike you Ronald Reagan knew who he was and what he stood for. People in this country seem to think you have no idea where you stand or what you believe in, although I know you know what you truly believe and you’re constantly taking part in a political masquerade.

Do you guys really believe that Obama looked at Reagan the way he claims to now when he was a community organizer in Chicago, or when he as a law professor, or even a state Senator? I’m guessing that’s a no, but why let your own life history get in the way of great political dishonesty. Barack Obama’s whole game has been political dishonesty, from the time he likened himself to Lincoln to the time now in which he praises Reagan as he called him, a “believer”. But how can a man who seemingly believes in nothing or at best very little philosophically, or at least he gives that impression admire a man who not only believed in something but believed in something that was fundamentally opposite of what Obama believes in?

Sounds absurd and in his State of the Union address you’re going to hear the hymn of the shapeshifter. He so badly wants to push his end game he’s going to do the full court press of political [email protected] like compare himself to Reagan, Ghandi, Nelson Mandella, Jesus of Nazareth, Moses, Steve Rogers, Clark Kent, and anyone else who can make him seem more of what he’s not deep down.

If I as a not real fan of Reagan feel nauseous whenever I hear the president and other liberals use his legacy as a way to push themselves and their agenda, diminishing the Reagan mystique I can imagine how annoyed Reaganites feel.