Time to Send Palin Down to Triple A

As someone who has defended Sarah Palin from the beginning against critics and foes from the right and left, I must say I find myself not becoming a critic of Mrs. Palin per say, but instead I’ve started to read the political writing on the wall and the realist in me has been playing on my brain, more so than my tendency to go with my gut. I’ve always described Sarah as a top pitching prospect for a rebuilding baseball team. She’s got all the basic natural talent you want in an all-star, but her lack of national experience makes you think twice about calling her up to the majors a second time. She got her nod in 2008 and since then she’s posted a political record of say 5-6 with a 3.12 ERA, and 95 strikeouts.

I don’t know if you guys remember Mark Prior but he was a top prospect for the Chicago Cubs, along with Matt Clement and Kerry Wood. Prior was seen by many in the baseball world as the next Roger Clemens, he had it all, size, intelligence, strength, natural talent, and the confidence to go out and fan every batter in the opposing team’s lineup. But Prior went through some injury battles and never lived up to his potential nor did he ever live up to the hype. He was eventually released by the Cubs and has since bounced around the league as a journeyman relegated to short work as a relief pitcher.

I feel Sarah Palin is on the same track politically. While we can’t fault her for the attempted character assassinations by the media and liberal Hollywood because we all know how far they’re willing to go in order to destroy her politically and personally, we can however fault her for responding to every little thing they do. Sarah Palin is and must be smart enough and politically savvy enough to know when to pick her battles. Fact is she’s just not experienced enough nor is she ready politically to pitch a nine inning game as the number one starter in the rotation for a rebuilding club. The GOP is the club that lost 100 games last season and with the recent victory in November’s midterm election we need to think Fall Classic crown, not division title. It’s no longer enough just to make the playoffs, we want the whole thing.

Don’t get me wrong, again I won’t downplay her performance in those midterm elections, she pitched some political gems but now is the time to survey what we have on the field to see if in fact we could make a run in 2012. And like Lou Brown in Major League when he told Rick Vaughn he was starting Eddie Harris in his place against the Yankees because Harris was the tested veteran, I think it’s time Palin sit this one out in 2012 so one of the battle tested vets could step up and deliver for us.

She needs to go back to Alaska, iron some things out and get some more small time wins under her belt first. Think of it as a political minor league stint to build on her time in the majors. She’s still very young and despite what Joe Scarborough thinks her career is far from over, despite her last outing. Let’s be honest if this were a baseball game her response to the Arizona shooting and the response to her response that followed, I’d say she pitched five and a third, surrendered nine runs, struck out three batters, walked two, and posted a 8.41 ERA.

The sky’s the limit for Palin and second acts are all too common in American politics, but I think this prospect is best served if she is treated as a prospect and not hoisted into the heart of the battle, especially if it costs us the big game. She’s not ready to face political sluggers equivalent to A-Rod, Longoria, Hamilton, and Pujols.