Speaking Truth to Power...Sort of

Recently Joe Scarborough has taken it upon himself to be this voice of truth and courage when it comes to Sarah Palin. The Morning Joe host sees himself as the only Republican man enough to talk behind the back of woman he’s never met in person…Oh wait that didn’t turn out the way I had intended. Well in any event our good friend Joe thinks he’s speaking truth to irrational power and to those who not matter how irrational he says Palin is they willingly follow her in lockstep off the political ledge.

This morning was no different as the third rate Congressman turned fifth rate television host declared Palin’s political career dead as a result of her recorded response to false accusations that she had strong influence over Jared Lee Loughner’s shooting rampage in Tucson last Saturday. Is it me or does Joe Scarborough take sick pleasure in declaring all things negative toward Sarah Palin? I mean sure he truly believes he’s doing some kind of noble act after every zinger thrown at Mrs. Palin but you have to ask yourself: Is this nobility and courage or petty and cowardly? I mean any man who feels the need to take a woman down a few notches because she dares to have confidence, courage, and conviction in my eyes is no more of a man than the women they attack.

What’s more weird and out of tune is the fact that Scarborough’s political haymakers almost always seem to be focused on the faces of conservative women. Not once have I ever heard Morning Joe focus such negative and unwarranted attention on Nancy Pelosi or any other high profile liberal women in politics. Am I suggesting Scarborough has deep seeded resentment toward strong conservative women? Of course not, but am I suggesting that he has deep seeded resentment toward strong conservative women? Of course I am.

Just as Chris Matthews feverishly attack Hillary Clinton as if she had somehow wronged him in a past life, Joe Scarborough plays for keeps when it comes to his utter antipathy toward Sarah Palin. This also highlights some major insecurities because if Palin were so out of touch and unintelligent as people say she is then perhaps we should tune her out and she’ll go away. But instead the media along with Joe Scarborough bring her up and devote countless segments on her in an effort to marginalize her, which again defeats the whole purpose of marginalization. Call me crazy but if someone isn’t worth my time and I knew they weren’t worth my time I simply ignore them not give them more attention.

So speaking truth to power doesn’t exactly fit this narrative because Sarah Palin is the one speaking truth to power when she expresses herself at the disapproval of the Republican establishment, most of whom were quiet as kept while the media made her an accessory to murder. I don’t know what Joe gets out of breaking her and other women like her down into fine powder, perhaps a notch on his belt, some favor with his new friends at MSNBC, a rise in his stature with the in crowd inside the beltway, who knows. I do know it takes a real man to combat this nonsense and a punk to go along with it, or not say anything at all. Far be it from me to play to sexism card, but I suspect part of this masochistic bashing of Sarah Palin has to do with her being a woman. And we all know insecure men hate secure women who express confidence, influence, and strength.

But I sympathize with Joe I really do, it must be hard coming to grips with the fact that Palin and Bachmann combined are half the man he’ll ever be. That guy has no balls.