Get Ready

The comparisons between Sarah Palin’s reaction to the slanderous charge that somehow a map had something to do with a nut cake busting clips out on folks in a super market in Tucson this past weekend and the president’s address at a memorial service tonight are already starting to happen. It almost makes me wish Gov. Palin had not release this video on the same day because honestly the video looked really third rate. I figured she would give a speech but I figured she would do it in a more justifiable manner, meaning a place that gives her justice, not sitting in a folding chair in her basement.

It’s like Sarah Palin for the life of her can’t see the trap no matter how obvious it is. She must have known the media would set this whole thing up after weeding and weeding through every word and every emotion of her speech in order to make Obama’s speech seem like the valiant words of a nobleman who has come to heal us after a great tragedy. Palin played the part of the self centered cry baby whose overdramatic self pity overshadowed her warm reasonable rebuke of the unfounded charge that she was the chief influence of this fruit bat who made out like Michael Douglas in Falling Down.

And I’m not saying that I feel Palin was too focused on herself and how she was affected, I’m saying the media spun her speech in that way to make her look cold and only worried about how she looks after all of this. It’s not fair but at the same time she has to be more aware of the sharks circling the blood in the water. Before this week is out the media would have successfully baited her into responding to something she had no influence nor involvement in, while at the same time using her response as a way to further lift the president as a healer in chief.

Now, good thing this speech will be watched by political junkies and political junkies only, I don’t think average Americans will watch Obama’s speech because I think people will either be a t work or tuning in to something else. But no less the media will replay his speech over and over in an attempt to force a narrative that isn’t so.