Howard Fineman is a Sick Sick Man

I’m a pretty even keeled person for the most part. I’m known to have somewhat of a short fuse but for the most part I’m very easy to get along with, offended my very little, and I usually take the road to reason on most things in life. But one of the things that piss me off is when people exploit another person or group of people or a situation going on in someone’s life. Case in point this accident Howard Fineman of the Huffington Post. Howard can be seen on MSNBC as one of their political regulars on Hardball and Countdown with Keith Olberman. Howard is a shameless puke who said on the Chris Matthews show that this tragic shooting over the weekend in Tucson was the perfect opportunity for the president to cash in on some political bank. Now, I understand politics and that’s all well and good, but this is beyond the pale and though I expect nothing more from this four eyed waste of god’s attention, or lack thereof, it still makes me want to vomit my heart and lungs. Here’s a little sample of this one star dish:

We bend the brim of our hat to Scott Whitlock at Newsbusters as the original source:

The piece, which appeared on the left-wing Huffington Post, featured this coldly calculating follow-up: “That is the pitch, at least. The trick is to make it without seeming to be trying to make it. He will, after all, be speaking at a funeral.

Fineman urged Obama to portray himself and the wounded Representative Gabrielle Giffords, who has a lifetime American Conservative Union score of 14 , as thoughtful centrists. He wrote, “He and Giffords think of themselves as fellow travelers on a middle path of civility and compromise in a dangerous world. The president will likely argue that, implicitly if not explicitly.”

Fineman wasn’t the only one who began measuring this tragedy for political gain.

Big up to Scott for this piece on Fineman. The guy has no moral code and yet he’s one of the many held in fine esteem as a distinguish veteran insider. Chris Matthews once referred to Fineman as one of the best in the business well, what the heck is he the best at? Using tragedies and sadness as a way to score more points for his obsession Obama? And I don’t blame Obama, I think for once Obama’s trying to stay out the limelight on this one, maybe I’m wrong but so far I hadn’t heard much from him. It’s not just Fineman but that jerk Ken Vogel at Politico had an article titled “Obama’s Clinton Moment”. What the hell is wrong with these losers man? They somehow equate everything back to how it can benefit Barack Obama. Even when Obama himself wants to avoid putting attention on himself the media does him no favors by trying to create dream scenarios where he rides in on a white horse, removes the bullet from Mrs. Gifford’s head, stitches her up, convicts the shooter, gives a heroic Obama speech and makes it home in time for dinner with the wife and kids.

I’ve never seen this before where the media openly gives advice as to how the president can score a hat trick politically on a situation he had absolutely nathan to do with. These clowns don’t surprise me and yet they manage to surprise each and every time its amazing.

It pains me to do this but I give president Obama credit for not doing what Howard Fineman suggests he do. Maybe he will I don’t know but so far like I said he’s been kind of out of the limelight and rightfully so.