The Same Old Song

“It’s the same old song, but with a different meaning since you’ve been gone”.

While not quite as good as the Four Tops Barack Obama seems to be harkening back to his campaign tricks of old. In Maryland the president talked about a need to ease regulation businesses so they can hire more and create an environment for economic improvement. Now think about this for a minute: The man who for the first two years of his presidency bashed and scolded Wall Street and the business community on their bad behavior and how they ruined the American economy suddenly realizes the importances of less regulation and a more friendly landscape for the private sector? Obama thinks we’re stupid, no he thinks we suffer from collective memory loss. How can he pass financial regulation reform and then turn around and say we must ease regulation on business as if he were some veteran of the private sector who recognizes the ends and outs of successful job creation and economic growth.

Remember way back when, Obama ran in the general election as this common sense reasonable moderate who talk about tax cuts and cutting spending. All the while this friend of the business community voted for TARP (so much for controlling spending). The GOP didn’t pick up on the ol’ okey doke the first time and neither did the American people who were weary of Bush Republicanism. This time around we have to prepare for the play action pass.

Obama’s going to present himself as the moderate tax cutter who’s willing to reach across the isle in the name of the middle class. Republicans are going to be labeled the party of the rich and the party of no. Now, we know their tactics the question is can we stack the line before they get a chance to roll out and throw it downfield to the open receiver, or will the GOP take the bait as they did in 2008 and pick up the running back while Obama hits a man heading toward the in zone.

We know what Republicans have yet to figure out apparently because they willingly signed off on a one sided tax deal. In that incident the farmer thought he outsmarted the fox, but the fox got away with the hen in the form of unemployment benefits and more spending. Republicans can’t afford to act as though they are smarter and slicker than Obama because truth be told they aren’t. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just tells us that Obama is dishonest and more willing to put on a front to see his agenda through.

This kind of eats away at the notion of Obama being a slick genius politician who can adapt to circumstances and rise above it all. But if he’s trying to present himself as he did before when the American people have a much better sense of who he really is and what he truly believes in, then how is that a smart strategy? I promise the media gives this man way too much credit when it comes to what’s going on up there in his head. I suspect he’s got some quotes from Rules for Radicals, his agenda items, and maybe a few lines for a potential speech and that’s about it. He’s not the deep thinking agile politician who appeals to all people of all political stripes and persuasions, at least not anymore.

So he can pull this tax cutter in chief, moderate non partisan bull crap if he wants to, but I like many of my fellow conservatives know the game, and Obama don’t play it very well. You can’t go through your adult life being anti-business and suddenly when you get your butt kicked in a midterm election your a friend to Wall Street. Just last year Obama said quote, “I’m not saying you can’t make money, but at some point you’ve made enough money” that was a dig at Wall Street and the business community. Now think about it, do you think he believes otherwise in just a few short months from what he said then?

Republicans have to start piecing together the puzzle. Use his words against him and decipher this chameleon language he speaks. We all know the tactics of the hard left. Remember what Reagan said of those Democrats in the 1970s and 1980s. He said they spoke like him and they spoke the language of middle America in order to move the ball close enough to the redzone. He said to them the ends justified the means. All Democrats use the same playbook and the same plays. I’m just surprised at how long it took Republicans in Washington to finally catch on to their antics. And honestly I’m not sure they’ve caught on.

You know I remember when Obama was running for president and how he gradually changed his tone and his rhetoric from the time he won the nomination to the time he started running in the general. He and his wife were talking about my brother’s keeper and shared prosperity, you know giving up our pieces of the pie so someone on the lower rung of the ladder could have a chance. Then all the sudden in a speech Obama said he believed in the free markets. And then I thought to myself: Wait a minute, you go from shared prosperity and giving up pieces of the pie to being a man who believes in the free market? How did this guy go from Karl Marx to Milton Friedman in 0 to 60 seconds? I mean I’m no expert on economics by no means but even I know you can be a proponent of the kinds of redistribution that Obama talked about and believe in free markets at the same time. You have conflict there and from then on I knew Obama was playing the game on a higher level than Clinton. Bill Clinton wasn’t the kind of true believer Obama is. Clinton wasn’t this bleeding heart who had drawn influence from Chicago’s “Who’s, Who” of 1960s retread radicals. Despite his ineptness at times you never got the sense that Bill Clinton wanted to upend the roots and traditions of America’s economic and Military establishment.

But with Obama he just struck me as a man that could not be trusted. Like that guy you meet at some party and you become friends but not close friends because there was something about him that rubbed you the wrong way.  Obama’s positioning himself as the moderate who delivered on his promise of cutting taxes, he’s going to say his health care bill brought the deficit, he’s going to say he’s reasonable the Republicans are trying to reverse his policies and turn their back on the middle class. He’s going to run as he did in 2008, which was the middle class president. But we have to take his words and his speeches and turn them into weapons and take him out, politically that is.