2011 Narrative: GOP Backtracks on Promises

The newly elected members of the House of Representatives were formally sworn in yesterday and already the media and Democrats are trying to create this narrative that the GOP is starting to backtrack on their campaign promises to the Tea Party and the American people. After watching a few interviews on CNN and MSNBC, I wasn’t surprised at the topic of discussion which dealt with campaign promises colliding with the reality of what’s going on with the national debt, namely the debt ceiling. That seems to be the topic of choice to trap the GOP. The debt ceiling will become the line drawn by the media in an effort to label Republicans, and the Tea Party backed Republicans in particular as hypocrites for either moderating their position on raising the debt ceiling or voting for it.

It’s kind of sad and pathetic in a way because you’d think professional journalists would treat every politician in both parties with equal mistrust and skepticism, you know as our constitution intended, but unfortunately the new congress has to deal with Barack Obama, an in denial Nancy Pelosi who by the way a behind the scenes plan with Democrats to become the party of no there by which winning back the House in two years and returning Queen Pelosi back to the throne as Speaker of the House, because we all know that title is rightfully hers. But as I was saying not only does the new Congress have to keep the president in check, they have to deal with the Democrats in the Senate. So the media will act as the instigator in hopes of painting Republicans as hypocrites therefore raising Obama above the hypocrite majority in the House bent on his political destruction and the disgruntled liberal Democrats in the Senate.