What Would I Cut?

Everything. Are people going to start falling out in the streets if we eliminate Social Security and Medicare? Will people keel over if we get rid of the welfare state? Hell no so why is it so hard for Republicans and Democrats to name their cuts. My cuts of choice are pretty simple and straight forward: Time for the kiddies to grow up and its to rid this country of the welfare state. This debate goes on and on, president to president, and congress to congress. We’re all adults here guys we don’t need to lie in order to save our own butts. If I were running for office I would be straight with voters and tell them that the age of government is truly over. Not kind of sort of over, not over until a new congress and new president comes in, over period.

I’ve never had cashed a welfare check, used food stamps, medicare, or social security, and I can say with  confidence as a twenty three year old broke college student I would be no more or less off with a welfare check in my hand and a food stamp card than I am without one. Maybe its my belief in an enduring sense of self reliance and faith that I can work hard and turn my current situation around for the better, maybe its my belief that government is best served when its limited to its duties outlined by the constitution.

People say honest politicians can’t get elected because even if the people wanted more honesty from their elected officials they don’t really want honesty because at the end of the day it all boils down to how things affect their situation and whether or not they will be able to get theirs. Well, I’ve been pondering a possible run for office in 2014. My platform would focus on the brutality that is the truth. As the saying goes the truth hurts, no one wants to hear that they can’t play the saxophone, or that they do look fat in that dress, or that their breath smells like manure. But sometimes simple truth can do some significant good for a society and its people.

What’s the worse that could happen if we take incremental steps to eliminate social security, medicare, and medicaid, along with other entitlement programs. In a perfect world every person would be entitled to something but we don’t live in a perfect world and money doesn’t grow on trees. We’re promised nothing in life, not even another day living and breathing on this earth and yet we’ve gotten to a point where we just expect and expect and expect from our government mommy and when they don’t deliver exactly how we wanted it we throw tantrums and we complain like children. Ed Rendell was right when he said we’re a nation of wusses because we are too afraid of making the hard choices that will hurt us in the short run and help us in the long run, because we’re too focused on our own situation and what we want.

Just look at our friends in Europe where you have college students rioting because their tuition is being cut. In a few years the same thing will happen in America. We already have public sector unions and professional protesters picketing outside banks and in front of homes in foreclosure demanding government save them from the evil corporate boogeyman hiding in their closets.

They say we’re crazy for suggesting our government actually function within the boundaries of the constitution. Well maybe I am crazy for wanting a more fiscally stable country so that when I do decide to have children they inherit from me a more prosperous America. God forbid we start thinking of the next generation for a change. Man up America, grow some stones and start living within your means.