The Party of "No Will to Win"

I’ve been MIA in all things politics because I’ve been satisfying my MMA appetite via UFC and Strikeforce. So I decided to do an end of the year round about of what’s going down in this nation of ours, and what our elected leaders are up to. Apparently newly elected Tea Partiers can’t storm the halls of Congress fast and hard enough. With every news outlet and publication hailing Obama as the Comeback Kid part deux with so called victories on the repeal of DADT, the tax cut deal, and now the START treaty, these self aggrandized victories come at the expense of a Republican Party all too willing to forfeit before the game even starts. Let me tell you when you have a new line of players coming into a new season, and a majority of those players, or at least the key players are first round draft picks, you don’t forfeit the entire season to the inferior opposing squad. The GOP has a leadership problem in that they have no leadership. At least the type of leadership that knows when its being taken for fools and robbed of every strong card they have in their deck.

Why is it that Republicans are the ones that need to compromise their principles and cave to the Democrats rather than Democrats giving up a little to the GOP? Furthermore its even worse when your party gained in the recent election and the other party stands before you weakened, beaten, and less popular in the eyes of Americans than anytime in recent history. What does it say about a party when they get rocked back and forth by a party whose Congressional approval rating hovers near 10%? Why did we loan out our confidence in the GOP if they’re just going to cede ground to the Democrats? In case Mitch McConnell and John Boehner weren’t aware, the American people voted for Republicans because they rejected the Democrats’ agenda, they didn’t vote for Republicans to help move the Democrats’ agenda in stealth baby steps.

I think two things will happen in January when the new members come to Washington: First scenario: The Republican leadership clashes with the Tea Party caucus, Second Scenario: The Republican leadership will continue to give the Democrats what they want in hopes that it will reflect positive on the GOP. Sadly I believe both will happen and at this rate my confidence in Obama’s reelection demise has dimmed some. Though his poll numbers have not improved despite his self congratulatory victories, I doubt the GOP will take him on in a way that brings his incompetence and recklessness to light. Sometimes I wish the GOP hadn’t won so many seats last month because now they’ve overplayed their hand. They had a full house while Obama and the Democrats had two jokers and the instructions card. Yet an willingness to be non confrontational and an unwillingness to bang (politically) makes for a long two years at the poker table.

Let’s just hope and pray Marco Rubio, Alan West, Jim DeMint, Rand Paul, and other true conservatives continue to stand strong as their so called leadership folds like a director’s chair. Also I hope they don’t give in to threats by the Republican establishment. I have this feeling as though they’d rather let Obama take a mulligan on his first term for a much more cooperative second term. In their eyes if he gets too powerful to defeat in 2012 the likes of the establishment in the GOP would be satisfied with divided government similar to the 1990s.