Obama's Triangulation Over Exaggeration

Judging by the media’s reaction when Bill Clinton made his return to help Obama with his tax cut fight with fellow Democrats we might as well start the parade for the president’s reelection victory. Or perhaps given the media’s reaction Bill Clinton returned to announce he would be taking Obama’s place as president and serving a third term. The headlines read: “Obama seeks Clinton’s Help in Tax Deal”. Chris Matthews could barely contain himself in analyzing what he called an act of god and the Democrat Party with Clinton loyalist Mark Penn and Howard Fineman of the Huffington Post. According to Penn, Matthews, and Fineman Barack Obama mastered the art of Clinton triangulation and by this one press conference with the former president he consolidated suburban independent voters in his corner for his 2012 reelection campaign.

And so begins the media narrative until 2012: Obama is moving to the center”. Perhaps before their legs start to tingle the media ought look at the hidden clue buried beneath this political masquerade. Despite our leadership, if you can call it that given how fast they bit on this crap deal non establishment conservatives who possess a smidgen of common sense can clearly see that Obama’s not moving to the center, he’s trying to preserve his left wing agenda by doing what he did in the 2008 election: Preserving his agenda by hiding his true self” Remember when Obama ran as a tax cutting sort of hawkish “moderate” in contrast to the left wing incompetent we saw for the first two years of his presidency? Well the former is back, but just for a while until he, in his mind wins reelection and hopefully saves enough Democrats and wins enough seats inj the House to reboot his progressive machine.

Obama’s committed to his ideology, this “triangulation” or perceived triangulation is just a political worm dangling on the hook for the lowly and hapless GOP fish to get a mouth full. Unfortunately like in 1996 these leaders, and I struggle to use the word to describe this incoming GOP congress fail to see what the Republicans in 1996 failed to see: The man standing behind the curtain.

Do Republicans honestly believe that Obama will cut deals that hold more GOP and conservative ideas and platforms that his own? Think about it, this deal that GOP leaders, ugh there’s that word again are so giddy about contain more budget busting pork than tax cuts. There’s more evidence that Obama put this deal together himself than there is of a bipartisan group. And yet Republicans have this thing where they go along to get along at any sign of a GOP idea, not matter how much the other side’s ideas outweigh Republican ones. They still act as if this president’s approval ratings are still in the 60s.

Just when we have him in our crosshairs, yes crosshairs the GOp allowed the media and beaten Democrats to believe the elections were a message for both sides to work together rather than the real message which was one of simple request: STOP OBAMA’S AGENDA AT ALL COST”

I hope and pray the GOP pays close attention to the man behind the long curtain as he works to fix the broken down machine so that it will continue its destruction if he wins in 2012. Unfortunately with guys like Boehner and McConnell who talk a good game but can’t put words into action I’m not all that optimistic about the new Republican congress in January. I see 1996 all over again, its too bad I’m the only one. Now I’ll just sit back and watch the Republican party nominate 2012’s Bob Dole.