I Thought the Left Liked Whistleblowers?

Could you imagine the scenario had this been the Bush administration and Wikileaks were exposing secret documents and transcripts about the Iraq war, terrorist interrogations and so called torture, and secret files on say Iranian nuclear sites, and weapons of mass destruction? Would the media and the left be up in arms had it been George Bush with his pants caught around his ankles instead of Barack Obama? I’m in no way praising nor excusing the irresponsible activism at the hand of these Wikileaks nerds, but come on the double standard is clearer than a bright sunny day.

The same can be said in regards to the TSA pat downs. The left, at least the media anyway tries to spin these 1984 style government approved fingerings because they are determined not to have Barack Obama’s administration painted with the same brush those same liberals in the media painted the Bush administration. Despite the fact that the Obama administration either still uses those same measures implemented during the Bush years or they’ve replaced them with even more intrusive measures, one gets a sense that this administration mirrors its predecessor’s more than the liberal media would like to admit.

What do you think? Is there a double standard at play when it comes to the widespread outrage in the media because Barack Obama is president? Would the reaction be one of portraying the Wikileaks whistle blowers as courageous and bold if this were the Bush admin istrations’ secret files and documents exposed?