Trouble in Paradise?

According to the Morning Joe some of his life long Republican buddies down in Florida refuse to vote for Rick Scott in the governors race so they, according to Morning Joe will hold their noses and vote for Scott’s opponent Democrat Alex Sink. Now, think about that for a minute, you’re voting for Rubio, yet you just can’t bring yourself to vote for Rick Scott because, Scott is one issue too conservative as oppose to Rubio who might be the most conservative Senate candidate since god knows how long, certainly not since Mel Martinez because he was a moderate Republican. So help me understand Red State Floridians, why on earth would long time Republicans vote for Rubio, yet cast their ballot for liberal Democrat Alex Sink?

Are you sure none of that oil from the BP spill made its way into the water supply somehow? I mean that’s like saying you’re going to vote for Ronald Reagan for president but in the mid terms you’re going to vote straight Democrat. This is what we’re dealing with not just in Florida but in Delaware and other places that house these back bencher GOP squish hacks who voted for and really like Obama and can’t stand the Tea Party.

Why don’t you do us all a favor and follow Lincoln Chafee and Chuck Hagel out the freaking door, and take Dick Luger, Lisa Murkowski, and Mike Castle with you.