Sometimes Joe, Winning Isn't Always the Goal

For the Republican elite in Washington it’s going to take a massive political and philosophical blow to the head to get them to understand what we libertarians and conservatives in the trenches are trying to do here with this Tea Party thing we got going on. You have the Wall Street Journal and the Joe Scarborough’s of the world coming out in support of left wing Republican Mike Castle in the Delaware GOP primary for Joe Biden’s old Senate seat. Now, their argument is this: A conservative Republican would not sell in the Northeast. According to our now AWOL conservative friend the Morning Joe his views would resonate in the south, but not in the northeast so he offered up an ultimatum to us backward stubborn Tea Party folk: Either vote for Mike Castle and win, or vote for Christine O’ Donnell and lose the Senate seat in Delaware.

Sounds like a great offer but what Joe failed to mention is that Castle refused to throw his support behind a repeal of Obamacare should the GOP regain control after the midterm elections. The Morning Joe says there’s a choice between a Democrat who supports Obamacare and a Republican (Castle) who doesn’t support it. But for me the question is this: What’s the difference between a Democrat who supports Obamacare and a Republican who while he doesn’t support it won’t get on board to repeal it should his party have the means to do so?

This is the fight we’ve been going through since the days of Ronald Reagan. It’s the same old northeastern Republicans trying to suffocate the grassroots because in their mind winning is more important than building a principled party who stands for something other than appeasing Democrats and compromising their values in order to gain the title of “reasonable census builder”. I’d rather be a partisan with principles in a minority party than someone who’s willing to sacrifice what I believe in because its the hip thing to do inside the beltway.

The problem with guys like Joe Scarborough and all these self loathing “conservatives” who after George Bush starting sinking the party they all jumped off the ship and swam toward the nearest liberal media outlet to confess their sins and ask for forgiveness. Those same people turn around and criticize Sharon Angle and Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and others for being strong unapologetic voices of libertarianism and conservatism, as oppose to going around sitting with liberals on MSNBC and CNN bad mouthing the Tea Party movement and any conservative who makes a comment about Barack Obama.

“Oh that’s not reasonable, we have to be reasonable” What in tar nation is reasonable? Is voting for Cap and Trade reasonable because Mike Castle is the only Republican I know of that supports cap and tax. Is voting for the Wall Street regulation bill reasonable, Scott Brown? Is voting for judges Sotomayor and Keagan reasonable Lindsey Graham, or do elections have consequences so just give the president what he wants like he’s some spoiled child and your his rich father.

This reasonable stuff makes me sick because its not reason its appeasement, its compromising your own principles as conservatives because the media likes to trump up this idea that partisanship is bad, and bi-partisanship is good. Let met here would be no reasonable outcomes had the founders sought common ground with the British.

You cannot reason with those who hold completely opposite views. A capitalist does not share the same views as a Marxist, nor can constitutionalist find common ground with a totalitarian. I don’t know much about Christine O’ Donnell because I don’t live in Delaware but if she’s a solid conservative then whose to say her principles can’t win out in the northeast? What’s so out of the mainstream about conservatism? Freedom, liberty, economic liberty, personal freedom, independence, common sense, tell me someone what is so bad about those things?

Well apparently the Wall Street Journal and the Morning Joe are of the opinion that such a platform cannot succeed in Delaware, as if they live under a completely different form of government in the northeast. I know we like to kid about that from time to time but really if we try hard enough and dismiss the voices of the elite who want to tear the grassroots down in order to build themselves up in the eyes of their liberal friends, then we can win anywhere in America.