Tolerance, Acceptance, Elitism, Leadership, and Muslims

We’re in the midst of the greatest example of dislocation and separation between the elite establishment and the people in flyover country this nation has ever seen. Inside their little alternate universe the elite project their assumptions on the rest of us here in the sticks and corn huskers of the Midwest, south, and other regions of the country. In their minds, since it came from their minds, whatever "it" may be, they assume the country at large agrees with their assessment.

With the issue concerning the proposed Mosque and Islamic center five blocks from the site of the September 11th terrorist attacks, the elite once again assume that because they feel its an appropriate gesture and a sign of goodwill to allow Muslim leaders to build a Mosque in the same vicinity of ground zero, the country must adopt their flawed point of view. See to them this mosque must be built by any means necessary to show the terrorists that we won’t falter in our embrace of religious freedom and constitutional liberty. Well, little do the know, they meaning the elite, Muslim terrorists share their passion to see a Mosque constructed amongst the rubble and heartbreaking memories from a tragedy they caused. It won’t piss them off if we don’t allow a mosque to be built in that area, but it sure as heck will make their day if we do.

The elite fail to understand the history of Islam itself. And by that measure they fail to understand the art of a cultural war of a different kind taking place. Perhaps if they would allow voices like Wafa Sultan and others who have first hand experience inside the oppressive world of Islam, maybe then the elite who proclaims to know so much would understand the symbolism behind this very mosque. I mean to them, again them meaning the elite, symbolism is everything because in their eyes the symbolism of a mosque near ground zero would send a strong message across the Muslim world. Well, the same can be said about the strong message that would be sent across the radical Muslim world if the same mosque is built in the same spot. Both the elites and the radical Muslims share the same desire to send a message, though one side wants to send a more sinister message, the other may unwittingly have a more ominous consequence in the long run.

The Morning Joe blames the right for this uproar over the mosque. He said leaders like Newt Gingrich and others are trying to score cheap political points by comparing all of Islam, which they say time and time again is a religion of peace, to Nazism. Now, I’m no fan of Newt by any stretch and I oppose his line of comparison, but for Joe Scarborough and others in the elite to paint those who oppose this mosque with such a broad brush is doing the exact same thing he claims we right wingers do when we criticize Islam.

I would like to ask the Morning Joe: Are those 9/11 families who oppose this mosque bigots? Are they Islamaphobes? Is Tim Brown, former NY Firefighter a bigot and anti-American for opposing the mosque? Or are they simply appealing to their own feelings based on their personal traumatic experience when they lost family members and colleagues on 9/11. Joe Scarborough and his band of flunky left wing elites over their at that failing cable news network wouldn’t dare call Tim Brown or the 9/11 families bigots or anti-Muslim, at least not to their faces. The problem with our elite class is that they, in the words of Ronald Reagan, know so much that isn’t so. Or in this case they assume so much that isn’t so.

You can be pro religious freedom and against this mosque. Just as you can be a christian and against any pastor or church promoting the degradation of Islam or any other religion that is opposite of the christian belief. I know for a fact there are some older pastors and christian leaders who have gone as far as to say the job of every christian is to defeat Muslims. Now, I don’t believe that and I don’t subscribe to burning the Koran, and my christian faith is just as strong as those who encourage such destructive behavior. So its unfair and ignorant to suggest that because you oppose the ground zero mosque you’re somehow an enemy of religious freedom.

On the issue of tolerance you know, tolerance and acceptance are two very different words. You tolerate a noisy neighbor living on the second floor, you accept one’s religious beliefs if they differ from your own. We don’t have to tolerate a mosque and or  an Islamic center being built in or around ground zero. First off, we should have had a memorial built years ago, that alone makes this story a heartbreaking one, but to add insult to injury, whether these Muslim leaders have the intention or not, this mosque will drive a stake in the hearts of those who lost loved ones on 9/11. The left talks about political correctness and sensitivity, but in this case all of that is out the door when it comes to the sensitivities of those who oppose the mosque. We’re supposed to accept the Muslim leaders’ intolerance to our sensitivities…gotcha.

In the end I think the mosque will be built elsewhere, no thanks to those elites who were outraged by our outrage. Just like the town hall meetings over health care last summer, and the Tea Party movement, average Americans outside of LA, New York, and Washington who object to the elite class’ destructive ways need to sit down and follow their leaders….right off the cliff, into the culturally, political, and societal nevermore.

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