How to Solve Jobs Issue: More Small Business Loans

The president on Friday during a press conference in which he touted his latest victory in the form of a newly passed financial regulations bill expressed the need for jobs in order to right the ship that’s headed for the whirlpool. His solution for America’s jobless problem is to encourage banks to lend more money. In other words he wants small community banks to pump out more money, which oddly enough just so happens to be his war cry on the same day he touted the new financial regulation bill that arguably gives the federal government the most expansive regulatory powers in American history. This bill specifically targets banks, now I’m not the most learned man around but it sounds political that the president would call on smaller banks to lend more money after signing a bill that puts more regulatory pressure on banks overall.

This isn’t a new Barack Obama however. He’s been blowing the “Lend more money for small businesses” horn for a while, it didn’t work back then and it won’t now. Small businesses can’t hire people just because they have more money. They hire people based on the economic environment, which today is one of fear and hostility, fear on the part of business both large and small, hostility coming from the federal government and the Obama administration. You can’t grow small business with loans, you can’t create long term employment with funny money, you can’t expand business by taxing the rich. You can however do all of the above if you cut taxes across the board, not just for the middle class. You can do all of the above by implementing deep tax cuts for the rich which will create an incentive for those rich folks to buy say a boat or an 8 million dollar mansion, that in turn creates the demand for products, which compels the rich to choose which electronic or house improvement store best fits their budget, which compels businesses both large and small to compete for the service of those rich people looking to purchase a boat, or TV, or what have you.

You see, this president is stuck in the old idea that flooding the system with cash and pressuring banks both large and small to loan large sums of money to small businesses will somehow create massive confidence and job creation. Obama’s trying to be cute by half, the problem is he’s not well versed in capitalism, because he could care less about the private sector. His lip service to small business is just a political ploy for independent and moderate voters. You see I disagree with my conservative brothers on talk radio about Obama’s secret plan to destroy America. I think his ultimate objective, his ultimate goal is Barack Obama. The media coined the phrase “Sarah Inc.” as a sort of backdoor jab at Sarah Palin being this self centered money hungry political swindler who plays the role of a small town “every gal” in order to push her own brand.

But if that were true about Palin, then Barack Obama must want to take over the world and then some because Obama Inc. has been in the business of promoting the anointed one since he made his famous speech at the 2004 Democrat Nation Convention. It’s always been about Obama and how he can make it look as if he’s one way when he’s really another way. He wants you to think of him as he thinks of himself, which is a highly intelligent, successful, above it all, once in a generation leader. (Brace for plug): I’m writing a short book called “The Biggest Hit of the Summer” in which I go through the saga that is the election of Barack Obama in 2008. I lay the foundation of my conclusion which is that this man is nothing more than a manufactured product. I compare him to many trends and fads that came and went throughout America’s cultural and social history.

I don’t take Obama at his word about small business and how he values their essential role in our economy because the man has shown nothing but contempt and skepticism of the private sector. And what? do you think he had a sudden change at heart in just a few days? Nah, what am I, as stupid and naive as an Obama voter?