From Delusions of Grandeur to Out and Out Delusional

Barack Obama has a new strategy to try and help Democrats soften the blow to the head when they get their hats handed to them in November. He’s trying to blame the Republicans for the economic woes gripping the country. According to our dear leader the past ten years have cause our economy to tank, not his wild spending, incompetence, and anti-business behavior. No no, the newly passed financial regulation crackdown bill won’t create anxiety and suppress investment in American markets, the Republicans obstructionist approach will spell the downfall of America’s economic might.

This man is pathetic and quite frankly a loser. I believe now more than ever the American people no longer take president Obama serious as a competent and measured chief executive who ha the ability to govern like someone with their head screwed on. You can’t destroy wealth, confidence, and investment and turn around and accuse the out of power minority party of destroying wealth, confidence, and investment. Hey Barack, the election’s over, remember?

But of course Obama is constantly on the move, constantly campaigning because he knows he’s a one trick pony who’s on its last leg. The man has no new ideas nor any good ideas. The media is bewildered with questions on why despite all his so called “victories” is this president’s poll numbers continuously slipping spiraling down the toilet bowel?

I’ll let the media in on a little secret: Those “victories” you speak of, well, the American people wanted nothing to do with health care, they don’t believe in overbearing financial regulation, especially when the economy is breathing its dying breath, and they are scared to death of all the spending and deficits. Now, you call them victories, we call them failures and a list of things to do when you want to kill the economy, not revive it.

I am confused about one thing though. Now, at first the media and this administration hailed the so called recovery and the slimeulus package, and now all the sudden the economy is bad and its the Republicans fault. So, are we out of the woods or aren’t we?

Look, this man is going through the motions of a one term president. I’ve tried not to use that term because I figured he would bounce back with some huge political victory but now that I’ve looked at the landscape it’s highly unlikely that Barack Obama wins reelection in 2012. The American people voted for him in good faith that he might turn out to be one of the great presidents, but its like Mike Barnacle said on Morning Joe a few months ago: “Barack Obama was like a good summer movie that made you feel good when the credits were rolling and you were leaving the movie theater. But maybe that’s the whole point, he was a feel good movie and nothing more.”

Barack Obama was a good political story, someone who came out of nowhere to shake up the system with a cheap two dollar feel good gimmick called “Hope and Change”. It just so happens in the worst election year possible for the GOP, with an unpopular president who had been in office longer than what they American people had realized they intended, and with a Republican candidate who wasn’t really interested in being president much less running for it, Barack Obama through his many handlers and many manufactured moments was able to capitalize on that moment in history when the country was truly looking for change. The problem is they didn’t want Obama’s version of the word, and they darn sure didn’t expect this man who ran as a tax cutting, Reagan loving conservative to be on the left of Norman Thomas and Bernie Sanders.

So he can blame Republicans for the bad economy all he wants, no matter how much reality destroys his argument. These my friends are the actions of a desperate, delusional man who’s trying to find cover where he can because he knows the storm is coming.

If we can nominate a strong principled conservative or libertarian there’s no way Obama can argue his way against that of a Willard Romney or Bobby Jindal. If we nominated Gary Johnson for example, I think he’d be a strong candidate against Obama, despite his support for the legalization of pot. As far as Palin is concerned, I think she’s too unpolished for 2012. She’s like a highly touted pitching prospect ya know. She’s got all the tools of a perennial All Star pitcher but you want to keep her in the minors for a few more years because you’re afraid she might end up like Mark Pryor when he played for the Chicago Cubs. For all you Cub fans here on Red State you might recall the Kerry Wood/Mark Pryor saga. For me as an Indians fan it turned out pretty well because Kerry Wood made a smooth transition to closer for the Tribe.