Governor Mike Huckabee Endorses My Campaign

Former Presidential candidate and Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has endorsed me in my campaign for Congress, representing the 13th Congressional District of Ohio.

“Tom Ganley’s story epitomizes the American dream – he is a self-made man from humble beginnings who wants to go to Washington to make a real positive difference for Ohio and the country. Tom is a man of strong convictions who doesn’t need to check the latest poll or political winds to find a position – he stands for life, a strong national defense, lower taxes and more efficiently run government. Tom is a family man who has grown a once small business and maintained its success in the face of extreme obstacles. Huck PAC and I are proud to endorse Tom Ganley for U.S. Congress. If he can stand up and help take down the Mob, he won’t back down to the liberal left leadership of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid” Governor Huckabee said.

I am honored and humbled to have the endorsement of one of the outstanding conservatives in the Republican Party in Governor Mike Huckabee, The Governor is someone who understands exactly what the American people are saying and what they expect from their government. I am grateful that he has looked at this race and decided that I represent the values that he and Huck PAC stand for. I am proud to join the ranks of conservative Republicans such as Marco Rubio and Governor Bob McDonnell, who have previously been endorsed by Governor Huckabee.

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