A Balanced Budget Amendment

Every American business owner knows three fundamental facts: they must have a budget and be able to live within that budget, they can’t spend money that they don’t have, and they can’t promise more to their employees than they can provide.

Unfortunately, the federal government has never learned those three basic things. This year Congress isn’t even going to trouble themselves with passing a Budget Resolution. It seems that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in the House don’t want the American people to know how bad our financial situation really is. It’s amazing to me that even though the House is required, by their rules, to adopt a Budget Resolution by April 15, they can just ignore it if they choose.

Congress and the Obama Administration continue to come up with spending plans and proposals that we simply have no way of paying for. With a deficit of almost $13 trillion dollars, and several programs such as social security and medicare already on shaky ground, it is time to act.

We simply must find a way to reduce the deficit and to get back to responsible spending practices. Future generations are depending on us to take action. None of us want to burden our children and grandchildren with a debt that can’t be paid. And the experts are all telling us that we are on an economic course that can’t be sustained.

It seems pretty clear to me that the only way to make irresponsible Washington politicians become responsible is to pass a law that will force them to balance the federal budget every fiscal year. That is why I will support and work to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment.

Cross Posted at Tom Ganley.com