The Greece Trap

With each passing hour, the situation in Greece gets worse and worse.  I know it seems a distant land and one that we shouldn’t need to worry much about, and a financial problem for which Europe should be responsible, but the reality is that the United States is fast approaching the same crisis.

You see, the issue in Greece is simple.  The government in Greece has set policies over the years that have nurtured and led to an entitlement based society; a society where the people expect their government to give them a “handout” rather than a “hand up.”  As evidenced today in Greece, this type of governing works well enough until the government runs out of money and runs out of others willing to support them.  When the people have become totally dependent on a government that can no longer support them, chaos ensues.

This story sounds strikingly similar to what is happening in our own country.  President Obama and Nancy Pelosi are leading our nation down the same treacherous road and Betty Sutton is following in their footsteps and voting for this dangerous liberal agenda every time she has the chance.

Honestly, this highlights the fundamental differences between our Republican Party and the Democrat Party.  Obama, Pelosi and Sutton believe that the Federal Government knows better how to use our money than do we.  They believe that a bigger federal government can “take care” of it’s people.  They support tax payer funded bailouts for companies that can’t make it on their own.

What’s most disturbing to me, is that Greece is a perfect example of the crisis that will result if the Obama Administration is left unchecked to pursue these radical policies, yet Nancy Pelosi and Betty Sutton seem more determined today than ever to follow without questions.

Let the Greece Trap be our lesson!  We must stop this ever growing, ever spending, ever taxing federal government  … or our children and grandchildren will have to deal with the consequences.  That’s not something I’m willing to let happen.  Join our Ganley team today and help me lead this fight!

cross posted at Tom Ganley.com