A Missouri that is saying No

I follow the Missouri Senate election through the eyes of St. Louis rural area.  All major media, including its single major newspaper, are located from downtown St. Louis.  The further west or south you venture from the city, the further right the electorate becomes.  While downtown is a single-party system, the county is roughly 50/50.  The ‘burbs, the hills, the Ozarks become heavily conservative.  I only imagine Kansas city is mirrored reflection from the western borders.

Look in stltoday.com today, the website for Saint Louis one and only newspaper, all things are well.  Unemployment is down, retails sales are up, consider Carnahan for Senate.    But the mood in MO is beginning to cement.  But it wasn’t supposed to be this early.  Carnahan is a well known family name.  So is Blunt.  MO is more right than center though the MSM and whatever influence remains is an unapologetic left.  Blunt rarely makes headlines that are positive.  Carnahan’s approach is meek, “We don’t really want to be a state known for turning its back on Obama, do we?”

Blunt is winning, Carnahan is swimming.  There is no drama here.

Missouri is generally a battleground state fought to the last days before election.  Not today.  Its CT, NY, DE, WV.  That says something.  The left looked forward to Missouri having a breakout year to elect two big-D Dems and finally put our hearts and minds behind ObamaCare.  Missouri is progressively ahead of the curve this year, we were one of the first to say No to Obama and his policies.