The America That Can So No

The America Than Can Say No

In taking a title from a Japanese essay, we are seeing first hand the power of “no”.  It is the most simple, raw, and unavoidable tactic of passive resistance.  In a short 18-months, our nation is experiencing an overreaching government waging a revolution against us by means of taxes, regulations, and promises to recreate our nation, rewrite our history, and redistribute wealth to recognized, politically correct organizations.

We can’t live with a large, powerful government without being ruled by a large, powerful government.  We’re not so much debating about keeping 5 cents of every dollar we earn or wonder who will validate our health insurance.  We are too busy fending off bureaucrats who shut down a little girl’s lemonade stand.  We’re prevented from singing the National Anthem in D.C.  We must pay a tithe to use a tanning machine.  We’re pre-judged as terrorists for not supporting ObamaCare (Mayor Bloomberg).  Tea Party activists are ridiculed (therefore underestimated) for simply dissenting in public.   Citizens are literally assaulted and pushed to concrete by SEIU thugs, (Massachusetts and Missouri).

This is not Cuba, China, or Venezuela.

If its wrong to demand a bribe to vote for something you don’t believe it.  What is it when you demand a bribe to vote in something you believe in?  (ObamaCare).  Is it really a public policy to pass a bill unread to understand what’s in it?  (Pelosi)  Is printing money a viable economic policy while keeping more of what I earned not?

Absurdity has its limits and the American people didn’t vote for this.  The last 18-months would make George Orwell proud.  Transparency in government?  Most Ethical Congress in history?  Creating a new currency out of gas (CO2)?  We’re better off with Gitmo prisoners inside our borders?  A foreign policy of appeasement while we’re engaged in war?

You’re going to tax more out of business – I’ll invest less.  Tax me more of what I earn – I’ll earn less.  Tax me more what I spend – I’ll spend less.   Now what?  We had 18-months of calling out private citizens for standing up to Big Government with nothing more than opinion.  Ridicule and insults don’t work, I still say “no.”.  Threats of new taxes and regulations to correct me.  I say “no”.

We’re no Gandhi, but as the left screams and wails, we reply that one simple word.  It can’t be silenced, dismissed, or have our vote thrown out.  The lesson taught from the original Japanese essay is simple: There will be changes and we will decide what’s best on our own.

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