The Ad Campaign- My Take

In Response to Erick’s Post, “The Ad Campaign

If I were the Republican nominee, I would do exactly this; show 2007 Obama and his wonderful, articulate, clean, smiley promises contrasted with a current clip illustrating the ugly reality, preceded and followed by a parade of people saying one thing and one thing only. “I’ve been robbed.”

Person in the unemployment line- “I’ve been robbed.”
..in the checkout line at the grocery store watching the total- “I’ve been robbed.”
..at the gas pump- “I’ve been robbed.”
..carrying furniture out of the home with a ‘bank owned’ sign on the window- “I’ve been robbed.”
..kid moving back in-“I’ve been robbed.”
..layoff notice- “I’ve been robbed.”
..”Change” sticker vs empty pockets with no change at all- “I’ve been robbed.”
..Obama’s little minions singing their songs of adoration and how he’s “gonna change the world” vs any of a thousand current headlines-“I’ve been robbed.”

I’ve been most of those people I listed in the last couple of years. I didn’t vote for him, but, “I’ve been robbed.”

I’ll bet RedState readers could come up with a thousand broken promise scenarios that all end in, “I’ve been robbed.”

Three words. The whole campaign strategy is basically written. Where do I collect the campaign consulting fee?